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There is a lot to know about contact lenses, eye conditions, and the anatomy of the human eye. This section covers some of the most sought-after information relevant to contact lens wearers.

Visit the Vision 101 page to learn more about your eyes and how to properly handle your contact lenses. You’ll find a number of detailed articles on eye anatomy and how the human eye works. There are also sections about visual correction and general help with wearing contact lenses. If you require unique contact lenses to handle conditions such as astigmatism or myopia, visit the section on common visual problems and read about your eyes’ unique requirements.

We’ll periodically be adding new articles on other topics of interest. Start out with our article on colored contact lenses and read about the different tints available, how to take care of them, and what to watch out for. We have also added an article on gas permeable contacts. Do you know the difference between RGP lenses and soft lenses? Our article has the answer.

There is so much contact lens and eye related information to cover, so we’ll we adding articles as quickly as we can write them. Come back often to see what we’ve added.