The Eye

Our eyes are among the most impressive organs in our body. With the ability to filter light, translate images, and communicate with the brain, few body parts can handle and process as much stimuli and information as our eyes. In a way far superior to any electronic device, our eyes are capable of interpreting an incredible amount of sensory details in virtually no time at all, giving us the ability to perceive the world we live in. Plus, they’re beautiful to gaze into. As with any complex bodily structure, however, sometimes, things can go wrong. Around ninety percent of the population has imperfect vision and over sixty percent need some sort of corrective lens or, in some cases, surgery, to maintain an acceptable level of vision.

The Parts of the Eye

The eyeball is set within the ocular sockets of the skull and is connected to the brain via a passage of nerves. The front of the eye is covered by a clear lens, allowing light and images to filter through. The eye itself is made up of numerous structures, tissues and cells.

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