Wearing Periods

Daily Wear Contacts

Daily wear contacts are intended to be worn for an entire day, generally around eighteen hours, and are designed to be comfortable for hours on end. Daily wear contacts can be reusable or disposable, meaning they are discarded after several uses.

Extended Wear Contacts

Daily wear contacts must be removed before sleeping but extended wear contacts can be comfortably worn both night and day.

Part of the struggle in initial extended wear contacts involved the lack of oxygen flow and the discomfort that can come from long term wear, including dry, itchy eyes. Modern technologies have made the adjustment easier with more breathable plastics and technology permitting lenses to move on the eye to prevent dirt and debris from becoming trapped under the lens.

Extended wear contacts might be convenient but there may be some health risks involved. A research study published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in September of 1997 concluded that individuals who wear extended wear contacts are ten to fifteen times more likely to contract ulcerative colitis than those who don’t (Preferred Practice Patterns, “Refractive Errors”).

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