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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not satisfied we'll make it right, no matter the issue
Fast Shipping: Over 95% of all orders ship the same day
Exclusive App: Ordering is more convenient and easier than ever with our one of a kind contact lens app
The World's Largest Contact Lens Store 10 million contact lenses in stock-no one is more likely to have your exact prescription ready to ship
24/7 Customer Service: 24/7 live customer service available by phone or online chat
Doctor Verification: Each order is verified with your doctor to ensure you get the right prescription
No Hassle Returns: Completely hassle-free returns-even if you just change your mind, plus free return shipping
Contact Lens Experts Answer Every Call: Every call is answered by an actual Contact Lens Expert-not a computer
Triple Order Verification: Triple verification to ensure you get exactly what you ordered
Free Replacement: Free replacement of any torn or damaged lenses
Free Exchange: Free exchange if your prescription changes
Safe Online Ordering: Every order is secure, confidential, and tamper-proof
Easy 2-step Reordering: Reorder your contacts in 2 easy steps
Prescription Reminder: Email notification when your Rx is going to expire
Reorder Reminder: Email notification when it's time to reorder
Shop Where and When You Like Order by Phone, Web, or by App.
FDA Approval: 100% FDA approval of every contact lens we sell
Consumer Protection: We helped write the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act-protecting your right to buy contacts wherever you choose.
Free Contact Lens Case: A free contact lens case is included with every order