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Focus DAILIES Toric 90 pack

by Alcon

90 lenses per box

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$89.99 per box

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    Focus DAILIES Toric lenses are daily disposable soft contact lenses for astigmatism that provide the convenience of no lens care and the comfort of new, fresh lenses every day. With Focus DAILIES Toric, simply replace your contact lenses each day so you no longer need to bother with the hassle of cleaning. Focus DAILIES Toric contacts are an ideal option for people with allergies, because one-day use reduces the chance of the build-up of pollen and other deposits. Focus DAILIES Toric lenses provide incredible comfort because you're wearing new lenses everyday made of a unique material that moisturizes on contact.

    • LENS TYPE: Daily disposable soft contact lenses for astigmatism.
    • PACKAGE DETAILS: 90 sterile, one-day, handling tinted daily wear soft contact lenses for astigmatism in isotonic phosphate-acetate buffered saline.
    • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: 31% nelfilcon A.
    • WATER % OF CONTENT: 69%
    • MANUFACTURER: Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Fort Worth, TX
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    MANUFACTURER DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. See USA package insert for details. Ask your eye care practitioner for complete wear, care, and safety information.

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