Presbyopia: Symptoms & Solutions


Over time, it’s harder for our eyes to focus on nearby objects (phones, books, etc.), particularly in dim light. Eventually, adjusting focus between close and distant things becomes more difficult.

These are symptoms of presbyopia.


What causes presbyopia

Smart folks in white lab coats have figured out that presbyopia is caused by a stiffening of your eye’s lens (thus, making it harder to focus close up). You’ll especially notice this when reading things like menus, books or text messages on your cell phone. It may sound scary but it is completely normal and pretty much happens to everyone, eventually.

What to do if you have presbyopia

Traditionally, people have resigned themselves to buying over-the-counter reading glasses. For those not wanting to deal with pulling out those “cheaters” at the worst possible time (and making it obvious you aren’t quite as young as you feel), multifocal contact lenses may be a solution.


Multifocal contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses allow those with presbyopia to experience clear vision seamlessly at near, intermediate, and far distances. Boom! Great vision without the drugstore glasses hanging around your neck. Certain brands, such as 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand Multifocal Contact Lenses, are super comfortable and don’t require cleaning, scrubbing, or soaking. They’re also the #1 prescribed brand of daily disposable multifocal contact lens in the U.S. so, yeah: credibility.

There’s currently a $90 rebate on 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL lenses when you buy an annual supply. If you’re interested, you can order here.

Updated Oct 11th, 2016

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