Why You Should Upload Your Rx
and Why You’ll Love It.

How easy is it? This easy:


1. Take a pic of your Rx


2. Send it to us when you order
(or text it to 41800)


3. Get your
contacts faster


What it is

We verify the prescription on every order we get. In addition to being legally required to do so, we also want to make sure you get the correct lenses for your eyes. The fastest way we can verify your prescription if you send us a copy of it.

OR…we can call your doctor and wait for them to get back to us (which can take one business day). Sending us a picture of your prescription allows us to skip waiting to hear back from your doctor and ship your order right away (usually the day it’s placed).

Why you should love it

It’s as easy as uploading a picture to Instagram or sending a text message. Really. It takes, like, four seconds. And it’s free. Then good things happen to you:

· You get your contacts faster: they’ll usually ship the day you place your order
· You get a backup of your Rx in case you misplace it
· You get prescription expiration reminders


How it works

Text, email, upload, or fax (really) us the written prescription your doctor gave you at your last appointment. Our staff of amazing people verify the Rx is valid and matches your order. Once that’s verified, they give the OK for your order to be shipped.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out 24/7 via chat, email, or by calling 1-800-266-8228.

Updated Jul 1st, 2016

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