Of all years to go back to school, 2020 is definitely shaping up to be the craziest. Everyone has more on their plate than ever before so we want to help where we can.

Back to school vision care resources

Renew your prescription online

Skip the long and expensive trip to the doctor’s office and renew your prescription online with ExpressExam. It only takes about 10 minutes and you’ll have a doctor-issued contact lens prescription within a couple of hours.

Contactless contact lens delivery

Oh, the puns. Get your contacts delivered to your home (or dorm or apartment) shipped free.

Try on glasses virtually before you buy

Not thrilled with the idea of going to a store to try on a bunch of glasses that have been on someone else’s face? Our eyeglasses company, Liingo Eyewear, offers crazy-realistic virtual try-ons of all their frames so you can order the perfect frames without leaving home.

Give your glasses more life with new lenses

Get more mileage out of your current frames by getting new lenses from our new company, Boomerang. Mail in your frames and Boomerang will send them back with custom-made, high-quality lenses.

Back to School Survival Kit giveaway

We’ve put together survival kits for 10 deserving people. Follow us on Instagram, and tag the person you’re nominating in the comments, complete the nomination form, and we’ll hook them up with:

  • Annual supply of contact lenses (up to $500 value)
  • Glasses from Liingo Eyewear (up to $250 value)
  • Amazon gift card ($150)
  • Herschel backpack ($90 value)
  • Starbucks gift card ($20)
  • Organization planner ($20 value)
  • Luxury sleeping mask ($20 value)

Submit your nominations and learn more about the giveaway here.

Help students in need with Eye Care 4 Kids

Poor vision has a tremendous impact on children: 91% of first graders who can’t read are struggling because of vision problems. Left undiagnosed and untreated, it can have a lasting impact on their education and future job prospects. We’ve partnered with Eye Care 4 Kids who provides eye exams and glasses for children in low-income communities. Their efforts immediately help children with correctable vision problems improve their performance in school and increase their confidence.

Please learn more about the work they do and the good it creates for these children and their families and consider supporting their efforts.

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