The U. S. Center for Disease Control is promoting healthy contact lens habits for Contact Lens Health week and we wanted to highlight their efforts. It’s an often-overlooked necessity when you’re wearing contacts, but the CDC has provided some helpful tips to make sure you have happy, healthy eyes. 

Give your eyes a break

Most contact lenses aren’t approved for overnight wear, which means no, you can’t wear your contacts to bed. We totally get it: when you’re in just the right position, comfy under your blankets, there is almost nothing that will get you up. But it’s worth taking the two minutes to take out your contacts. Your eyes will thank you.

Wearing your contacts overnight not only could cause discomfort and irritation, but is also a contributing factor in developing bacterial keratitis. We want your eyes in tip-top shape, so get out of bed and take those contacts out.

Not convinced? Here’s some more info on why wearing your contacts to bed is a bad idea.

Taking care of your lenses

Ready, set, clean! Proper contact lens care includes a consistent cleaning schedule for all of our lovely bi-weekly and monthly lens wearers. Those lucky ones who can toss their contacts at the end of the day can disregard this. (You’re not totally off the hook though: make sure to throw away your lenses, don’t flush them! Think of the fishes.)

Like the CDC recommends, changing your solution is key to preventing protein buildup and other nastiness from contaminating your contacts. We’ll always recommend a multi-purpose solution to clean, but for our friends with sensitive eyes, hydrogen peroxide solution works great too! You’ll also want to make sure you’re switching cases every three months. Don’t worry though, we’ll send you a new lens case with each order. 

Check out this handy infographic for some more tips on how to keep your case clean in the meantime.

Staying on track

The other part of good contact lens care is knowing when to say goodbye to a pair of contacts. We get it: you’ve spent a lot of time together and have become very close. It can be hard to say goodbye but we promise your next pair will be just as comforting.

With our subscription option you never have to worry about running out of contacts. There’s an inherent fear with throwing away a pair of contacts, “What if I’m out and I just don’t think I am?” Well, you can say goodbye to that feeling. A new order of contacts will be on your doorstep right on time, every time.

Plus, when you download our app, we’ll remind you when it’s time to toss your contacts. Remember, happy-healthy eyes, happy-healthy life.

Tell a friend

The final piece of good contact lens care is reminding your friends and family to stay on top of their eye care.

Here are the GIF’s we put throughout this post, for you to download.

If you post them on Instagram or Twitter, tag us @1800contacts! We love to see people taking their eye health seriously and want to share your enthusiasm.

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