Vision insurance, like any other type of insurance, can be confusing and hard to research. What types of plans are there? What does vision insurance even cover? Who offers vision insurance and what’s the best one?  

Hopefully, we’ll be able to give you the essentials of vision insurance so that you can make an informed decision.   

How does vision insurance work and what does it cover?  

Many employers offer vision insurance to their associates in addition to regular health insurance. Vision insurance often offers discounts, reimbursement, or coverage for things like:  

  • Eye exams 
  • Contacts
  • Glasses
  • Corrective surgery

This will ultimately depend on the type of coverage your vision insurance offers. Vision insurance doesn’t cover necessary or emergency procedures on your eye. That is where your regular health insurance steps in.  

If you’re buying something for your eyes or seeing an eye doctor, your vision insurance should offer a discount or some other form of coverage.  

Another thing that sets vision insurance apart from regular health insurance is how often it’s available. Typically, things like deductibles and co-pays reset once a year. However, with vision insurance, some plans only renew once every 24 months. This could be because eye exams are recommended once every two years and that is often when people are most likely to buy contacts or glasses.   

How much does it cost? 

Like any type of insurance, there is a large range of plans, discounts, and companies that offer benefits.  Some plans may have a very low cost, as low as $5.00 a month, for a discount benefit that offers a reduction on eye care necessities. Other plans could have a high cost, around $35.00 a month, for full coverage which covers things like corrective surgery.  

Typically, getting vision insurance through an employer will cost less than getting it on your own. If you have specific vision needs and your employer doesn’t offer an adequate plan, then finding your own vision insurance is always an option.  

1-800 Contacts and vision insurance

We’ve gathered our best and brightest to offer our customers an easy way to use their vision insurance when ordering their contacts. We work with multiple vision insurers like United Healthcare Vision, Davis Vision, Blue View Vision, and Spectera, just to name a few. We also offer reimbursement options to our customers with other vision insurers. 

Check out our insurance page for more information about insurance and to see if you have benefits available to use today.

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