Marketing master by day, Instagram foodie by night

Say “Hi”, to Desi!

She has been a customer with us for almost a decade now and we asked her to share her story with us. We’re ecstatic to work with wonderful customers like Desi every day!

She started ordering from us in 2011 because she was tired of always running out of contacts.

“I started to have less and less time for things. I was really bad at keeping up with my contacts, so I ran out a lot”, she said. After multiple successful jobs working for non-profits, corporations, and agencies, Desi has found herself working as a marketing coordinator for an orthodontist in Orlando.

Desi has a passion for food, so much so that she has an Instagram account dedicated to her frequent run-ins with tasty treats.

“One of my friends took a photo of me eating a cupcake that I thought was hilarious, and gradually, I took more and more of these silly photos then they got more and more likes”, she said. “I think a lot of life happens around food and sharing that with people is fun!”

 She reflected on her experiences with 1-800 Contacts and why she’s stuck with us all these years. For Desi, staying with 1-800 Contacts meant never having to worry about her contacts.

“I don’t need to track down my prescription or contact my doctor to verify anything, I’m able to click a few buttons and they’ll be here in no time!” she said. “Not having to worry about my contacts is always a huge relief.”

Recently, Desi used her 1-800 Contacts ambassador platform to help her friend spread some joy with her followers. Her friend, Argie, has been making masks during the COVID-19 pandemic to help stop the spread and flatten the curve as much as possible. She’s currently up to 800 masks in three weeks, and she doesn’t plan to stop. You can find her masks on Etsy.