Our LensFriends are a fascinating group and we love getting to see what they’re passionate about. We’re excited to introduce you to one of our most talented LensFriends, Jacqueline! She is a videographer and musical artist based in Nashville. Jackie loves spending her time capturing real moments with people and helping them tell their story in a way that “highlights their accomplishments and passions.” 

We asked Jackie to chat with us about her own passions and what makes her such an amazing LensFriend. 

Do you have any exciting plans coming up?

I will be filming my first music video later this month – I am way more excited than nervous, but this year has been a big year of pushing myself and tackling fears, so why stop now? Lets go!

What’re you working on right now?

I am known for my drumming videos & YouTube Channel, however I am a full-time videographer here in Nashville. Currently, I am working on a trailer that I shot for a local YouTuber, and some Behind The Scenes footage I recently shot for Punk-Ska band, Less Than Jake’s new music video. Exciting stuff!

Where do you spend most of your time when you’re not busy? 

I absolutely love going for long drives. There is something oddly cathartic about it. I just love having nowhere to be, windows down, music up. It’s relaxing.

Obviously, we’re fans of your Instagram, when did you discover your passion for drums? How did you get started in music and drums? 

I started playing the drums around 13 years old – my brothers and I actually played on trash cans and pans in the garage. We used clothes hangers as drumsticks and would create these STOMP-esque performances. I thought we were pretty good. It was the next Christmas that I asked for a real drum set, and the rest is history. 

I started posting drum covers on Youtube after taking a handful of lessons and over time it grew and grew to what it is today. I am grateful for the whole experience. The connections I have made and the people I have met though it all is what makes it worth it.

Do you have a favorite memory that came from playing? 

I think most people would pick a certain performance, but for me, anytime that I get a DM from someone that says they started playing the drums because of me, or I inspired them to pick up an instrument, THAT is what makes it all worth it at the end of the day.

How has ordering with 1-800 Contacts made your life more simple/convenient?

In every single regard it’s been easier. There’s no other way that I can order contacts in a simpler fashion. The app is seamless. Because my prescription is saved, all I need to do is open the app, click order and before I know it, my contacts are on my doorstep. I used to have to go to the eye doctor every time I needed to order, even if I didn’t need to renew my prescription.

Do you have any memorable customer service experiences with us?

Besides the great customer service I’ve experienced via email or live chat, sometimes there are little goodies in the box that my order comes in! Especially during Halloween or Valentines. It’s the little things that go the furthest! 

Pro Tip: Order during holidays.

Why is having good vision important for a videographer?

I depend on my vision for my job. My eyes are literally what I depend on to make videos in order to pay the bills. It’s nice to always know if I am running low on contacts and I have a shoot coming up that I can have backups on the way ASAP!

What was your experience like working with our sister brands?  Would you do it again?

Boomerang is fantastic! I found some old frames that were collecting dust in a drawer and sent them in to get the lenses replaced with functioning, blue blocking lenses. I use them everyday for work since I edit so much video. The process was seamless, quick, and I am happy with the result.

As an ambassador, what’s your favorite part of being part of the #LensFriends community?

I love supporting a brand that I trust and rely on. I believe in supporting brands that help others, and 1-800 Contacts has always been that brand for me personally. I literally rely on 1-800 Contacts! 

Finally, you’re clearly a talented drummer, do you have any advice/tips you want to share with other women who are looking to get started in music?

Go for it! If it’s something that interests you, there is no harm in giving it a shot. As women, we are the underdogs in a male dominated industry, however we are rare commodities, therefore I believe we can shine real bright if we put in the work! 

If your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming hard enough! 

Jackie has been a fantastic LensFriend and is always someone we look forward to chatting with. You can follow Jackie’s drumming account on Instagram @Jackiecas1 or you can see her videography business page @entertwinemedia

Do you want to become a 1-800 Contacts Ambassador? Apply here. We’re excited to meet you!

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