In August, we asked our Lens Friends to nominate someone in their life that could use a Back to School Survival Kit. Each of these nominations were submitted by a friend or family member who thought they deserved a boost.

All of our winners will receive:

  • An annual supply of contact lenses
  • One pair of glasses from Liingo Eyewear
  • Two gift cards,
  • A stylish Herschel backpack
  • A planner to stay on top of all their back-to-school tasks
  • A luxury sleep mask and some well-earned rest


“Hannah is beginning her teaching career as a 1st grade teacher amidst the pandemic. She is so excited about her students and will do a great job. The first year will be challenging but she never complains and looks at the bright side of things. I want to nominate her to show her how valuable and important she is!”


“Maria is going to start her Master’s Program this Fall. School means a lot to her, and she will be able to make her dream come true. She is a nice, sweet girl who is always busy and helpful. She wants to be a college advisor and help all students be successful. She never gives up and tries even harder when things got tough. She has inspired me to pursue my own dreams. She is very active in the community, donating what she can and volunteering her time.”


“Kathryne works 70+ hours a week as a medical student so that she can become the next best OB/GYN doctor. Kathryne served in the peace Corp for 2 years helping people in need and now lends a hand to under served communities in Washington state. Kathryne is the most self less and deserving person I know! She will work harder than anyone and do it with a smile on her face the entire time.”


“I am nominating my mom, Sarah, because she has done so much to adapt to virtual learning for all of her children. She has continuously given up her time and effort to make sure with the upcoming fall semester all of her 5 daughters are prepared to do their best; which is no easy feat given the age range of college aged children to an elementary school student. Her winning this survival kit would definitely ease some of the pressure and would be a lovely way for me to show her how much I care and love her.”


“My younger sister is the strongest person I know, she was born with a birth defect that left her with half her lungs and fought very hard to live in her first few years of her childhood. Despite difficulties with health and our mother passing away at an early age she is still determined to make the world a better place. She is currently working full time to put herself through college where she is studying to be a social worker. She is the kindest most loving person you will ever meet, and one of the strongest. She is an incredible inspiration on how a person can triumph in the face of adversity.”


“I’m nominating my sister-in-law Megan. Her husband has been living part time in another state for his job for 8 years. They just finally bought a house so they could all be together. Now that they are moving she can’t find a teaching job closer to their new homes. Now she might be the one that has to live apart while he is home with the kids so that she continues to have her income coming in.”


“Harrison is the most dedicated and hardworking person I’ve ever met. It took him lots of extra schooling and work in order for him to get into dental school starting this fall, including completing a bachelors degree and masters. He is a very giving person and has spent much of his life caring and serving others, even giving the shoes off his feet to others in need.”


“Brittani has such a big heart and a sweet soul for all of her students. She provides supplies, treats, books, etc to her classroom. This school year she is teaching her students virtually but not by choice she would much rather have them in person. I know that she has been sad and somewhat apprehensive about the virtual classroom. And I know that she will miss working with and teaching them in person.”


“Logan is so dedicated to his studies and his creative outlet of running an interactive, Star Wars blog, where he creates unique content. The school survival kit will help give Logan the tools needed to succeed without worrying about the costs, especially contacts for a year!”


“Carly is truly dedicated to her kids and classroom and if she has her mind set on making things happen for her students she does it, she truly is the best third grade teacher I know.”

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