Ordering your regular contact lenses should be a breeze. You should be able to simply log into 1800contacts.com, click re-order, confirm your information, and then click finish. That normally only takes about five minutes, maybe six with a slow internet connection. 

Unfortunately, an expired prescription can get in the way. Sometimes, instead of receiving an order confirmation email, you’ll get one that explains why we can’t ship your order. Most of the time, it’s due to an expired prescription. It’s frustrating, we totally get it, but it’s important to have an updated prescription. Most contact lens wearers have been there, and have asked the same question, “Why do I even need a prescription for contacts?”

We’re glad you asked.

Your prescription’s strength and fit.

First and foremost, a prescription is essential to getting contacts in the first place. Your eye doctor goes to great lengths with many different tests to figure out exactly what your eyes needs for 20/20 vision. In a perfect world, you’d only need to have this done once and be on your way. Sadly, the world isn’t perfect as evidenced by, if nothing else, our imperfect vision.

As you know, your vision can naturally change over time. Especially as you age into your 50’s and 60’s. Without a new prescription and the exam that goes along with it, you might be stuck wearing incorrect lenses which can potentially make your vision worse. We don’t want that. You don’t want that. No one wants that.

Not only does your eye doctor write a prescription with your vision measurements, but they also include a brand. The brand is there to guarantee you get a contact that uses a material perfect for your eye health needs and make sure the fit is exact, to avoid any discomfort. This is a crucial part of your prescription and is necessary for us to fill your order.

The legal stuff.

Now that you know the medical reasoning behind prescriptions, let’s cover the legality of it all. We’re bound by law to only sell contacts to customers with valid prescriptions. It’s part of a law passed in 2003 to protect consumers and their rights. This way we can guarantee your eye doctor will release a prescription to you, giving you the legal right to buy your contacts anywhere.

The lucky two-year states

It’s important to point out that in some states your prescription is valid for up to two years, instead of the usual one-year limit. Keep an eye on your prescription expiration dates to make sure you’re taking advantage of this time-saving tip.

We’re changing the game with ExpressExam.

We take eye health seriously and want to encourage everyone, especially those with pre-existing eye conditions or concerns, to visit their eye care provider regularly. That being said, we understand life can get busy and a vision exam doesn’t always fit into your schedule. Contacts are a necessity to so many and so we invented ExpressExam to make renewing your prescription easier.

You can find more information about ExpressExam here. There you’ll see if you qualify for our exam and get a new prescription within about an hour. Once you have that in hand, give us a call or chat on our website anytime to set up an order. 

We’d love to hear from you, even if it is to ask, “Why do I even need a prescription for contacts?”

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