A vision exam that respects your busy schedule.

Put down the day planner. Get your prescription renewed online anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes. It's FREE for a limited time.

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How does it work?

You'll look at a series of images, just like at the doctor's office.

An ophthalmologist will review your test results.

You'll have a new prescription in 24 hours.

All you need is 10-15 minutes, a computer, your smart phone, and about 10 feet of space.

Why you'll love ExpressExam


No scheduling appointments or driving to the doctor's office.


Free for limited time only.


No puffs of air shot into your eyes or post-exam dilation to worry about.

Ophthalmologists review every exam

Ophthalmologists board-certified in your state review your vision exam results and will issue your prescription within 24 hours.

So happy that I was able to take the free @1800CONTACTS eye exam. Thank you for saving me $100 and a good 2 hours spent at the eye doc only to be told my prescription will stay the same

I wasn’t a believer in how easy this was until I tried it. The online vision test you’ve implemented is a game changer. Thanks

When you remember how long you’ve been on your last pair of contacts and can’t go get an exam, but @1800CONTACTS comes in CLUTCH with a free vision verification test