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Why 1-800 Contacts?

Expedited shipping available
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45 million contacts in stock
Free delivery, expedited available
Renew your prescription from home
24/7 customer support
@1800CONTACTS does smartphone eye exams people!!! Didn’t need to go to the Doctor to update my rx. The visually challenged and lazy thank you.
@1800CONTACTS left me a voicemail to tell me that my contact lens prescription was expiring and I need more dependable people like that in my life ASAP.
@1800CONTACTS does this REALLY WEIRD THING where they actually have a human answer the phone right away instead of making you wait while a computer talks for twenty minutes. It’s so creepy.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t have my prescription?
Not to worry. We can contact your eye care provider and get a copy for you. This can take up to one business day.
What if I screw up entering all my prescription details?
We double triple quadruple-check every order to make sure it matches the verified prescription before we send it out. And if something does go wrong (nobody’s perfect) we’ll swap your lenses at no cost to you.
What if my prescription changes?
We’ll provide free return shipping for any unopened lenses and credit your account so you can put the money toward contacts for your new prescription.
Do you have an app I can use?
We thought you’d never ask. Yes, we have 5-star rated apps for Android and iOS. They do great things like track orders, remind you when to change your lenses, and provide reorder/expiring Rx reminders. Plus, you can reorder contacts in three taps so it’s super convenient.
Is this a subscription service I’ll never be able to cancel?
You can order one-off boxes of contacts no problem – it’s what we’ve been doing for people for 20 years. If you prefer a set-it-and-forget-it approach, we offer subscriptions which automatically sends new boxes when you need them (with free shipping and returns). You can postpone shipments or easily unsubscribe at any time because we aren’t jerks.
Holy astigmatism! I just realized I’m out of contacts!
That isn’t so much of a question as a panicked exclamation, but we get it. If you have a valid prescription, text it to us and place your order before 4:00 PM EST. Select Next Business Day shipping at checkout and we’ll make sure they ship tonight.
Waaiiiit a second...are these legit contacts or are you doing something shady here?
Dang it. You caught us. We’re totally shady. KIDDING. They’re the same contacts you’d get at your doctor’s office. No monocles or twirling mustaches here.
Why in the world should I buy my contacts from you?
Whoa. Um, how much time do you have? We’ll list a few reasons here (without punctuation to make it seem like we’re rattling them off really fast): free shipping free returns free torn lens replacement verify every prescription if your Rx changes we’ll refund your unused lenses we’re super nice we’re total nerds when it comes to trying to make buying contact lenses a better experience we’re here 24/7 if you ever have any questions or problems we like taking care of people.
Tell me about all your hidden fees. Tell me now!
The only thing we can tell you about hidden fees is that we don’t have any at all (but a lot of retailers do, so keep a keen eye on your final invoice if you’re feeling foolhardy and decide to buy somewhere else).
I don’t wear contacts every day. Anything you can do to help me with glasses?
So glad you asked! We teamed up with Liingo Eyewear so you can look great in glasses while saving money with free prescription lenses, plus an exclusive $20 off. Check out their selection here.

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