Refer-A-Friend for $10 Off | 1-800 Contacts

Give your friends $10 off and you get $10 off, too.

You're pretty great and we'd love to have more customers just like you. So for every friend you refer you'll both get a $10 discount on your account for your next order.



1) Is there a limit to sharing I can do with this amazing opportunity?

No. Refer away. There's no limit to how many people you can refer. (Hint: They don't even have to be "friends." You can refer your worst enemy or even people you're kind of "meh" about; if they buy, you get money.)

2) How do I get credit for my referrals?

We'll give you a unique link to share. As long as your "friend" purchases contacts by using the link you've sent, then you're all good.

3) How will I know when my friend's order ships?

Fret not: we'll send you a confirmation.

4) When will I receive my money?

You'll receive your credit within 48 hours after your friend's order has shipped.


Fine print (hi, lawyers!):

-No limit, so refer away!

-Get discount confirmation when your fiend's order ships

-Friends gotta be new customers