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Product Description

Avaira contact lenses help keep your eyes clear, white, and healthy looking. They have an exceptional ability to stay moist and transmit high levels of oxygen through the lens material as a result of our exclusive Aquaform® Comfort Science Technology. Their unique material binds water within the lens without the need for additional surface treatments or wetting agents and creates a softer, more flexible lens. The result? An extreme comfort wearing experience.

Same contacts. Same manufacturer. Different box.

Avaira contacts are sold under multiple names in a variety of stores, including as AQUACLEAR 100. Your order for AQUACLEAR 100 will be fulfilled with Avaira.


  • Lens Type: Two-week replacement silicone hydrogel lenses
  • Package Details: 6 lenses in buffered saline
  • Material and % of Content: 54% enfilcon A
  • Water % of Content: 46%
  • Manufacturer: Coopervision

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