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Biomedics 1-Day Toric

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Product Description

Have an astigmatism? Don’t want to worry about cleaning lenses, buying solution, and air-drying your case? Biomedics 1-Day Toric 30-pack contact lenses make life easy: fresh, toric contacts every day with correction for astigmatism. These can be a great option for people with allergies since pollen and other particles won’t be able to build up on your contacts and cause irritation.

Same contacts. Same manufacturer. Different box.

Biomedics 1-Day Toric 30pk contacts are sold under multiple names in a variety of stores, but the lenses are all identical. Biomedics lenses are store brand contacts made by CooperVision. Your order will be fulfilled with CooperVision Clearsight 1 Day Toric contacts.


  • Lens Type: Daily disposable contact lenses for astigmatism
  • Package Details: 30 one-day Toric lenses immersed in buffered saline solution
  • Material and % of Content: 45% ocufilcon D
  • Water % of Content: 55%
  • Manufacturer: Coopervision

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