Extreme H2O 59% Xtra

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6 lenses per box
Extreme H2O 59% Xtra
Extreme H2O 59% Xtra
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4 boxes
4 boxes
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Product Description

With enhanced biocompatibility, Glycerol Methacrylate (GMA) uses Mucin, the naturally-occurring glycoprotein contained in the tear fluid. This contributes to surface wettability, comfort, and eye health.

Unsurpassed on-eye moisture retention, GMA-HEMA copolymer contains hydroxyl (OH) groups that allow water molecules to bond tightly to the surface of the polymer, giving it outstanding water retention properties. The Extreme H2O® 59% loses less than 1% of its water content on the eye after 12 hours of wear.

Extreme H2O® 59% is made with a Group 2 non-ionic material that resists unhealthy protein deposits, compared to Group 4 ionic materials that are known to bind protein deposits.


  • Lens Type:1-2 week disposable soft contact lenses
  • Package Details:6 tinted soft contact lenses in buffered saline solution
  • Material and % of Content:41% polymer (hioxifilcon A)
  • Water % of Content:59%
  • Manufacturer:X-Cel