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Get free returns on all unopened contacts as part of our Gajillion Percent Promise.

Need to make a return or exchange? Just get in touch.

One of our incredibly friendly associates will help set up a free return or exchange in no time.

Frequently asked

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How long do I have to return or exchange my contacts?
As long as you need! There’s no expiration date on our Gajillion Percent Promise.
Can I return/exchange my opened box of lenses?
We’ll take back any contacts you haven’t worn. Opened boxes, single lenses, and even a lens from 2005. We’ve got your back.
Do I have to pay for return shipping?
Nope. We’ll cover all returns and exchanges within the US. (Our international friends can also do exhange/returns, we’ll just have to reimburse you for shipping afterwards.)
Is there any way I can get credit for the contacts I bought at my overly-priced doctor’s office?
Actually, yes. You can send us any contacts you bought from other retailers. There are some extra rules with these types of returns, though. Ask one of our super-friendly associates about it and they’d be happy to help.
My eye doctor gave me a new prescription AND a new brand, can I still exchange my contacts?
Of course! You’re only responsible for covering the difference in cost between the two brands. If your new brand is less expensive (lucky you), we’ll give you the option for a refund.
Do I have to finish my return before doing an exchange?
Great Question. Short answer: no.
Longer answer: let us know you want to exchange your contacts. We’ll give you an up-front credit for the contacts you’ll be returning and apply it to your new order. That way you can get your new contacts as soon as possible. From there, use the same shipping box to return your old contacts. Once you receive your new contacts, you’ll have 30 days to drop off the return shipment at the post office.