How to read your contact lens prescription

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Prescription spherical

Right Eye (O.D.)

OD stands for "oculus dexter" which is Latin for "right eye". The right eye is always listed first on the prescription.
This is just a sample prescription. Yours will likely look different but should contain the same information.
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Frequently asked questions

What if my prescription is expired?

You should try our online vision exam, ExpressExam. It only takes about 15 minutes and you’ll have a doctor-approved prescription within 24 hours. It’s super convenient and you don’t have to fit a visit to the doctor’s office into your schedule. We can’t ship your order without a current prescription.

What if I don’t have a copy of my prescription?

Your prescription details can be found on the side of your contact lens box. If you don’t have your box, we’re happy to contact your eye care provider to get a copy of your prescription for you.

Do I have to order the brand on my prescription?

Yes, the brand is part of the prescription, so you’ll need to order what your doctor prescribed. The brand impacts how comfortable your lenses are, and since each one is a little different, some lenses work better for certain people than others.

Do I need to send you a copy of my prescription?

Nope! You can if you want to, and it will help us ship your order faster, but it’s not required. We’ll make it easy on you and take care of verifying your prescription with your doctor.