Our best-price guarantee

How it works, why it’s awesome, and how to make the most of it.

Part of giving you the best contact lens buying experience includes beating any price. Start a chat and tell us where you found the lower price. We’ll verify it, then beat it.

Naturally, there are a few guidelines we follow when beating a price for you. Here they are in resplendent glory.

U.S.-based competitor

The lower price has to come from a company based the in the United States. This is because we only sell products that adhere to FDA regualtions, whereas companies from other countries don’t. Plus, dealing with currency conversions can be messy and confusing.

Publicly available to anyone

Sorry, we won’t beat the "special deal" you can get from your cousin who knows a guy. The offer we’re beating has to be verifiable and available to everyone.

Can’t be combined with insurance

If you have vision insurance, we’ll happily compare your vision benefit with the price you want to match and then apply whichever is best for you.

We’ll match rebates

If someone else is offering a rebate we’ll beat the rebate amount. But we don’t beat the price and give you a rebate on top of that.

Remember their hidden fees

We don’t have hidden fees, but unfortunately other companies do. When beating a price, we beat their total price (which includes their shipping, handling, and any other hidden fees). Keep in mind it’s likely that price is higher than the price they show on their ads.

Prices that show up in search results don’t count

Because search engine results are different for everyone, we aren’t able to confirm the price if you reached the competitor’s site by clicking a search ad.


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