Make your day. That’s our core value here at 1-800 Contacts. Our brand isn’t about contacts, it’s about taking care of our customers. We know ordering contacts isn’t the most thrilling thing on your to-do list, but we strive to make it the easiest and most convenient – with a little personality thrown in, too.

We’re launching our ambassador program to create real, long-term partnerships with individuals who genuinely love our service and want to share that love with their social friends, family, and followers. We want you to help encourage others to make their contact lens-buying lives easier with 1-800 Contacts.

Perks of being a 1-800 Contacts Ambassador:

Let’s talk about the good stuff: What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity for free products.
  • Exclusive access to try new products.
  • Free swag (two best words known to mankind).
  • Potential account credit.
  • Good karma for making other people’s life easier by sharing the great news about 1-800 Contacts’ services.

Responsibilities of a 1-800 Contacts Ambassador:

Share the secret with your friends! Who would have thought ordering contacts would be easier than deciding what to eat for dinner? Here are some ways to get the word out:

  • Participate in the campaigns that you see fit in exchange for product incentives.
  • Create photo and video content documenting you receiving your orders or placing your orders.
  • Share your experiences as a 1-800 Contacts customer.
  • Provide insightful feedback to 1-800 Contacts regarding opportunities to expand brand presence and sales.

Okay enough about us, tell us about YOU!