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Featured Articles

There is a lot to know about your eyes and contact lenses. This section is full of articles covering some of the most sought-after information relevant to you, a contact lens wearer. Look down below for a full list of articles, or head over to the Vision 101 page to learn more about how your eyes work.

How to Clean Contact Lens Case SmallCleaning a contact lens case couldn’t be easier, you thought. Well now it is, thanks to our visual guide to cleaning your lens case.
Colored contacts smallCurious about colored contact lenses? Learn more about tints, caring for your lenses, and how to determine which colored lenses are best for you.
Are Contact Lenses for You SmallThere are many good reasons to choose contact lenses over glasses. Find out here if contact lenses are a good fit for your eyes.
ContactsandAllergies SmallAllergies can be hard on contact lens wearers. Follow our advice to keep your eyes feeling comfortable during allergy season.
History of Contact Lenses smallContact lenses have progressed from sticking your head in a bowl of water, to small silicone discs. Learn all about the history of the contact lens.
Guide to Eye Exams SmallRegular eye health exams are essential to detect early signs of eye disease. Visit a doctor often to get your own eye exam.
24 Reuses for contacts small bannerDo you have too many contact lens cases and don’t know what to do with them? Here are 24 creative ways you can put those old contact lens cases to good use.
UPP Banner SmallWhat is UPP and how does it affect the price of your contact lenses? Read our FAQ page for all the info you need about UPP.
Gas Permeable smallWhat are gas permeable contact lenses and are they right for you? Learn about advantages, care tips, and who should wear them.
Avoiding Dry Eyes SmallWhat are the best contact lenses for dry eyes? Read on for practical tips on how to take care of your dry eyes with contact lenses and eye drops.
Disposable Contact Lenses SmallShould you switch to disposable contact lenses? Learn how much better for your eye health and hassle-free disposable lenses can be.
How to get your contact lens Rx smallPurchasing contact lenses online? The first step is a visit to an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Here’s what to expect.
Where 1800contacts Buy Lenses Small1-800 CONTACTS buys all our contact lenses directly from the manufacturers. We only buy FDA approved lenses, and never from distributors.
Understanding Colorblindness SmallColorblindness, or color vision deficiency, affects about 1 in 12 males and about 1 in 20 females. Read on to learn more about this condition.
Contact Lens Technology SmallWhat is the latest in contact lens technology? Learn about the different types of lenses, and which is best for your eyes.
Solution Guide SmallCaring for your contacts is important. Read our guide and learn how to properly use contact lens solution to clean and maintain your lenses.
UV Light SmallFind out practical tips on how contact lenses can help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV radiation, and which lenses are best at it.
Blurry Contacts smallNew contact lenses should always provide clear vision. Here are some possible causes (and solutions) to blurry vision while wearing contacts.