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Customer Fanmail

We are consistently amazed at you kind people out there who take time to write us notes. Letters like these motivate us to keep doing our best. 

Thank you.

October 2014

Exceptionally great service. Beth rocks. She is funny, engaging, and empathetic. I had a great time talking to her. I just even would be happy to write up a letter to submit it to her file for you all to keep just so she is always treated very well. I was a little nervous calling in because usually customer service isn’t that great everywhere else but I just LOVED my experience with Beth!


Jonathan W.


Moncks Corner, SC

I absolutely love your service and I tell everyone about it. Riley was awesome and answered questions about my near vision. He was extremely courteous. Shipping rates are extremely reasonable. He was very patient. He secured my new prescription with my doctor and I hope he can get some monetary compensation. People in the middle of the night are very helpful as well.


Catherine J.


Houston, TX

I wanted to let you guys know Nate was fantastic. It was my first time ordering with you guys. I placed my order, got a call within 20 minutes letting me know there was a concern so I called back and he got it all taken care of quickly. I’m very pleased with my experience and wanted to let you know.


Kara R.

I was just speaking with Kim. I just wanted to let you know as far as customer service goes, she goes above and beyond. I had the worst morning because of the post office losing my package. I moved and I don’t know how I was going to get my contacts since the post office lost my package. The fact that she was doing another order and sending them out for free, I am a customer for life. This is what customer service is all about. Great employees come from great management so whatever you are doing as managers just keep on doing it.


Carrie T.


Carrollton, GA

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience I had with Hailee. If all customer service reps were so genuinely friendly and helpful it would be a better world to shop in! She makes up for all the lousy reps I have dealt with over the years. She made the entire order process easy and even fun. I just wanted to let you know what a great employee you have in Hailee.


Tim S.


Noblesville, IN

THAT PRESTON! He was so patient and super helpful. Very nice, very professional, he was amazing and gave me the help I needed. I am so impressed with this company. I never thought I would get service like this from such a large company so it was a pleasant surprise.


John S.


Brooklyn, NY

Cara is amazing! She is so, so helpful! She was so wonderful to talk to! I used to work in the telemarketing industry and you really don’t get someone like her every day. I wanted to make sure somebody knew how wonderful she is. She really went above and beyond for me.


Judith B.


Cambridge, MA

I wanted to tell you that Melanie is wonderful. She has done such an excellent job! I’ve had troubles with my HSA card and she called me back and followed up when she was supposed to. She made sure that I got my contacts and that I got the discount that we had talked about the very first visit. She was so patient with me and kind! It’s one of the reasons we come back to 1-800 Contacts! We’ve never been disappointed.


Jane D.


Pleasant Grove, UT

I am not sure if this is going to get directly to you, but I needed to send out a thank you. I got home last night and had just returned from a weekend of traveling, including both a wedding and a funeral and was feeling down. I saw a letter from 1-800 Contacts and you completely made my day/week. Life has definitely been rough lately, and to have a complete stranger do something so kind, is absolutely incredible. I’m not sure where you live, but if you are ever in the south Florida area please let me know. I would love to meet you. Thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart.


Hillary H.


Plantation, FL

First, I wanted to say that I had a very pleasant experience ordering my contacts through Shamae over the phone. She was quick to recognize the need I had to have my order shipped as quickly as possible because I was nearing my due date of pregnancy. She was also very accommodating in every other way and made for a very easy ordering and price match process. My order arrived on time and it was one last worry on my mind before our son’s delivery. However, I did not expect what came through the mail next. We received a onesie baby outfit with the 1-800 CONTACTS logo on it, and a beautiful card to welcome our baby into the world. In all honesty, I was shocked that there still were thoughtful people in the world who still take the time to send someone a smile. Shamae has represented your company with going above and beyond for your clients and even reaching into our hearts. I hope this letter reaches her, so she knows how thankful we are.


Cassandra G.


North Las Vegas, NV

I was speaking with Justin and I just wanted to say that every single time that I call you guys it is a joy to speak to someone because I know that I am going to get someone so nice and that is really rare these days. Justin was absolutely amazing. He really took care of me and I appreciate it.


Robin F.


Mathews, VA

I have never had such amazing service. I just loved that young man. I recently had to go through a divorce and lost all of my insurance so I was going to have to go to Sam’s to get my contacts because they were so much cheaper. But Ben made sure to price match for me so I could continue using 1-800 Contacts, and even gave me free next day shipping because I was in so much need for contacts. Please give him a $50,000 raise and a 2 week vacation.


Patricia O.


Little Rock, AR

I want to commend Tyler for his customer service and he went above and beyond. You don’t find that very often any more. It tells me a lot about the company and customer service. If it were up to me he should be employee of the month. He listened to me and went beyond to take care of me. He listened to my explanation and didn’t form an opinion. He made sure to read the notes and took care of the problem. He did exactly what he said he would do. Other agents should model what Tyler does. I haven’t always had the same feel from agents that I got from Tyler.


Rahsheda B.


Chesapeake, VA

September 2014

I have to give Riley a thumbs up. He is WONDERFUL over the phone. He just made me feel comfortable, he was helpful and patient and kind and funny. I have been with you guys forever and I’ve gotten nothing but wonderful service but Riley just stood out and was just so so good. I just wanted to make sure he gets recognized and want to let him know he has the best phone personality!


Joanne G.


New Brunswick, NJ

I had to let you know what a fantastic job Jen did! She truly cared about me as a client. We got disconnected and she called me back. She was so helpful, informative and knowledgeable. She even let me know my contacts would be discontinued in the near future so I could make more educated decisions on my order. I am very impressed, please recognize her!


Aeritha J.


Scottsdale, AZ

Emily was absolutely wonderful in helping me get my daughter’s order placed. She makes me want to come back to continue to order. Emily caught a mistake made on the Rx and called the ECP. Emily requested a fax from the ECP to get the correct Rx. She thought about things that I wouldn’t have thought of to get my order taken care of. I want to reward excellent customer service because I know how that works. We get the prescription done right and take care of replacing the prescription if it changes.


Rachael R.


Round Rock, TX

This was my first experience with 1-800 Contacts. I was surprised about how awesome the service is I have received. I wanted to give you some Kudos, because I have never been turned on by a company. The customer service representatives were the main reason I will order from you guys forever.


Marissa A.


Great Lakes, IL

I was expecting my contacts yesterday and they came signature required. UPS wouldn’t do anything for me. I really needed my contacts and called 1-800 Contacts and I knew they’d take care of me. She said she would send lenses to get them Friday. I received them today – 1 day ahead of what I was told. The customer service you give is above everybody and I have never talked to anyone that wasn’t more friendly and helpful. This is the best service I’ve had. I will recommend you to everybody. This is for Nikki.


Michael K.


Altamonte Springs, FL

I just wanted to say how much I really appreciate your reps helping me out! Let me tell you. I have been having such a rough year and Nikki just helping me with what she helped me with today I have no words. I have never had a rep in any company do what she did. I am really speechless.


Janet T.


Middlesex, NJ

I called in and was so happy with the service Linda gave me. She was more helpful to me than my eye doctor. I really appreciate her and everything was so outstanding. She helped me through a very stressful situation. I was very happy with the service I received and wanted her to know.


Brandy Y.


Bartlett, TN

I just wanted to tell you how amazing your staff is. Haley is just absolutely wonderful. She has put a smile on my face that I can’t quite get rid of. She was so pleasant to speak with. I will be with you guys for forever because of your service. You all are just amazing. I am so impressed with your company.


Cynthia P.


Florien, LA

You might consider this TMI, but I’m a psychotherapist and I really appreciate the kindness of others. My husband is a 911 first responder and he’s been sick this week. Linda was so sweet that I almost cried! I have never in my life had such wonderful service. This was really, really above and beyond. Please give her some extra recognition… Pour it on a little heavy because this really did mean so much to me!


Cyndy F.


East Setauke, NY

You guys are wonderful! Your company is the most amazing company. I’ve had nothing but the most awesome responses from your company. I’d love to be in a commercial for you guys to praise how awesome you are!! I think you are worth talking about – you guys are amazing. Every time I call, it’s just amazingly wonderful service. The people you hire are second to none. Everything comes earlier than expected. I just can’t say enough about what a great company you have that keeps its promises. You stand behind what you say. There’s no fine print. Never had a problem! All your agents will always handle the situations perfectly. I’ve told a lot of people about your company and always tell them that 1-800 Contacts is the best and can handle everything.


Alice V.


Anaheim, CA

You guys go above and beyond every single time. Everybody I have ever talked with at your company has been just amazing and helpful and so nice. Your company knows what it’s doing and I wish more people were like 1-800 Contacts!!


Angel M.


Beverly, NJ

I was walking to Lindsey and I just want to say her customer service is amazing! The best I’ve ever gotten in my whole life. She called me back when my phone hung up and when my American Express didn’t go through, she conference called with my bank. She was so patient and friendly and I really hope she gets recognized. You guys have a great team over there!


Tonlin K.


Lowell, MA

Your staff is really great! I’m a fisherman and I’m only home for a few weeks every few months and I couldn’t get my contacts ordered. I had some issues where my doctor wouldn’t release the Rx and Audrey tried to work some things out but ended up having to cancel the order. She then searched local doctors in my area where she could send my Rx and I could go pick them up. I really hope she gets recognized, she is great!


Eric C.


Amherst, VA

August 2014

I just want to say thank you to Karen! She took care of my order, took charge, and really made it simple and easy! She told me all about how you take lenses back, even if the boxes are opened, which is amazing! You need more employees like Karen- she is wonderful. Give her a raise or give her a bonus! She has such a pleasant voice that really set me at ease, so just make sure you tell her not to change a thing!


Rosalie H.


Nogales, AZ

I’m so happy with Devin. I’ve worked in customer service for over 30 years. He is unbelievably outstanding in his manner & professionalism. I don’t know why I’ve put off calling you guys for so long- I always thought it would be complicated but it was so easy! I have 9 siblings, so I’m a good person to please and I will make sure they all know how easy it is doing business with you.


Eileen F.


Whiting, NJ

I am so happy with Pam this morning! It was so comfortable, first time I ever called you guys.  She met my price and she was SO nice. I just can’t believe there’s still such nice people out there that you can talk to on the phone. It was an amazing experience & I didn’t expect it to be so easy. Thank you, thank you!


Jennifer J.


Random Lake, WI

I just wanted to let you know that I called in and spoke with a gentleman named Ethan on the 6th. I just wanted to compliment him! He just went overboard to help me, when he said he would call me back he did! You got a gem with that guy! I wanted to make sure he got feedback, he did an amazing job. Because of people like Ethan, I keep coming back.


Joseph R.


Mount Pleasant, SC

I called in to order contacts and Melissa went above and beyond to get Rx and everything in record time! I got them today way earlier than I needed. She made up for everything my doctors office had messed up on, she really was a savior for my daughter who is going out of town and Sunday, she got the contacts today and I wish I could buy Melissa dinner for this.


Jessica C.


La Grange, IL

I just wanted to let you know that I have spoken with several people within your organization within the last couple of days. I wanted to compliment on you guys always being very helpful and very considerate. Adelphe was just so sweet, and Alicia was amazing as well. Thank you everyone. :)


Luann B .


Durham, NC

First time order. She was remarkable. I’ve worked in a call center and I understand what they have to do, but this was my first time using you and I was skeptical. But she was so awesome. I will always use you from now on due to her. I appreciate her regardless of the way she helped. She had a warm demeanor about herself. It made me feel a lot better about going with you guys. She was fantastic. I couldn’t tell if she’d been there 5 minutes or 8 hours, she held the same demeanor as if she’d been taking care of everyone just as great.


Queenetta W.


Bessemer, AL

This is the second time I’ve had the absolute pleasure talking with Marty. Much to my surprise, Marty actually called me back as scheduled after our conversation last spring. He is so pleasant to talk with. I immediately remembered who he was and we just picked up our conversation right where we left off as if it were a number of months ago. You guys have a customer for life thanks to this guy. He’s just awesome.


Lisa S.


Saint Augustine, FL

I want to give Taylor a customer compliment. I work for a company that prides ourselves on customer service and you all do a great job. Taylor did an absolutely fantastic job. Was very quick and complete. Has a great voice – should be in radio. He is on top of his game here and I really appreciate the customer service.


Donice R.


Dallas TX

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Melissa. I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience with her. I am 200% all yours as a customer. She treated me like a best friend, and I felt like I was really at ease with her. She had the best attitude, and happiness. I loved her, you can’t ever let her go!


Teresa R.


Richmond, TX

March 23 - March 29

Buzzy was just great!  When he came on the phone, he was really to the point and really attentive to what I was saying, respectful of my time, and he had a really upbeat voice!  He made suggestions to me that I wasn’t really aware of, which ended up being good for me.  I was just amazed by how quickly he was able to do things.  I told him I would just be exhausted at the end of a phone call!  I don’t know how a person has so much energy.  Buzzy was just cool!

Hrusto S.

Independence, KY

Kasmere is an asset to the company, is very direct, quick, efficient, very pleasant. Remembered my name well, and sounded like the call was unique.

Denise R.

Chicago, IL

Dani was pleasant, very professional, had answers at her fingertips. Sounded like she enjoyed working for the company and should be rewarded. Did not sound scripted, and convinced me to order from 1-800 CONTACTS.

Diane B.

Spring Hill, IA

Madison has a great personality, didn’t sound like a robot. Appreciated working with a neighbor in Utah and someone who took time to listen to me. No place I’d rather buy contacts. Never had a bad agent here, but she stood out. Was very impressed.

Crissy M.

Morgan, UT

Pam just helped me, she was efficient, nice and solved my issue.  I have been working with your company for a few years now, and I am always so amazed that I can get good customer service from you every time!  Pam was just a sweetheart!  I am going to make sure that my ECP office knows about how well you take care of your customers so they will refer people to you every time.

Sharon S.

Katie is the best contact person you guys have!  A joy to speak with!

Gary M.

Kelly was really nice, trained well and great to work with today.  Kelly was very knowledgeable and persistent with follow up. Thank you for all that you do!

Troy B.

Chandler, AZ

Sarah was just so wonderful! Sarah has great customer service and definitely deserves a free lunch! Thank you for being so great!

Laura S.

Charlotte, NC

I wanted to talk to you about the exceptional service I got from Natasha. I got my year supply, I was told about the rebate, I knew it was getting close to expiring, Natasha took care of it for me and followed up with me to make sure I got the refund check. I was very appreciative of that because I’m going through a lot right now. She went above and beyond so Thank You!

Mark T.

Morris Plain, NJ

I wanted to let you know how great your service was, I was able to text my prescription in. I called at 1:00 in the morning and got them the next day! You are so convenient and I recommend you to everyone!

Janet C.

New Hope, AL

Jenny was so wonderful! Jenny has great customer service! Thank you!

Andre D.

I just wanted to let you know that Melissa was one of the best reps i have ever talked to. I was ready to go somewhere else after my last few experiences but Melissa turned that around. Thank you so much for hiring her!

Sharon D.

Waynesboro, VA

I just want to go on record as a customer.  I mean the customer service you provide is top notch & really is world class.  Erik was very responsive, quick, and knew what I wanted.  He was so helpful & I just wanted to go on record & say my experience was phenomenal.  Don’t change what you’re doing there, because you have a perfect recipe.  You have a customer for life.

Keith S.

Aurora, IL

I just wanted to tell someone what a wonderful experience i have when i call you company! your company is REALLY customer friendly! Natasha was AWESOME! I just wanted to make sure she was recognized and also your company!

Susie F.

Mitchell, OR

I wanted to tell you the Becky was very kind to assist me and her attention to detail was awesome. She got me infomation for a future order as well! I love 1800Contacts and I love working with all the agents and Becky was such a delight to deal with, she was awesome! Exceptional customer service!

Lori J.

Hazlehurst, GA

I just had to call back in because not only did I get amazing customer service from Kim Gaston when she replaced my lenses for me, but she sent me a $5 gift card too!  She was absolutely wonderful!  I was hoping I could send it right back to her so she could buy her and her team dougnuts or something.  I never ever have had a poor experience with 1800CONTACTS, only courtious, pleasent, helpful, and incredible service.  Why can’t everyone be like you?

Patricia B.

Cullman, AL

I wanted to just tell you how wonderful your employee Heather has been! I am a very scattered, disorganized, indivuidual and I need my contacts, but I couldn’t remember my online password, and Heather was very patient, and kind, and helpful, and helped me out with everything I needed so my contacts will now be arriving by Wednesday!

Chastity H.

Bloomfield, CT

Natasha was great! She made ordering so simple and professional. Thank you!

Latchmi A.

Seabrook, TX

Derek was very pleasant to speak with and he made the price matching experience very simple. I really appreciate your company’s customer service. Thank you again.

Melissa C.

Wellsville, UT

Riley was great! He did all that he said he would including following up and I think he deserves to be recognized! Thanks so much!

Gina S.

Garner, NC

I just wanted to tell you that Nick was excellent!  He did a perfect job!  He answered all my questions and got me exactly what I need!  Thank you so much Nick!

Courtney W.

Tacoma, WA

I just wanted to make sure you knew how incredibly helpful Jenni was. I had a little problem with my order through the app and didn’t get my discount. She was just so helpful and so nice. Talking to her completely made up for any inconvenience I had!

Justin E.

Santa Rosa, CA

The gal I just worked with was superb.  She was courteous & just excellent all around.  Promote her! Give her a raise!  I don’t do this often, but I really needed to let you know how well she did.

Sylvia L.

Manville, RI

I just wanted to tell you what a phenomenal job she did, and you all do every time I call.  You always make it so easy and you have the best customer service.  I work in small business and customer service really means a lot to me.  Thanks!

Haley H.

Jenni did an excellent job taking care of me. She went above and beyond to take care of me! I wanted to give her a compliment and make sure her boss knew what a great employee they have!

Patricia M.

I was telling Drew this but I want to tell someone else too. I’m amazed by your company! I’ve been a customer of yours for over 10 years and everyone’s always just so happy and helpful and I want to tell you that. Sometimes you might get that with other companies here and there but I ALWAYS get that with you. I’ve never talked to anyone who’s rude or mean, it’s just great!

Karen D.

Brewster, NY

I just wanted to let you know that Tanner is great, he is so kind and nice!

Amelia L.

Alexandria, VA

I just wanted to call back & commend your excellent customer service.  I ordered contacts last week for myself & my daughter, and both times everything was just fantastic.  We’ve been ordering with you for a long time but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service both times.  I don’t remember their names, but they were just wonderful.

Tammy F.

Freeland, MI

March 9 - March 15

Kendra was very wonderful, informative, kind, she listened to me, she explained things & she did it very very well.  She was just very good.  She calmed me down, & to be able to do that requires great human interaction skills.

Olivia S.

Heather was amazing!! She was so positive and was very prompt in getting my return set up and taken care of! Make sure to only hire employees like her! I had a really great experience, which is different from other companies, because usually returns can be a real hassle. She made the process seem very simple, and I appreciate that. Thank you again.

Jared R.


I just wanted to let you know you guys are the BOMB! 1800 Contacts is a wonderful company and I love your customer service! I just wanted to tell you that Stacie was wonderful and so personable and you all blow everyone out of the water.

Jennifer S.

Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to say that Colton Rocked it! He was able to help me SO much! I have always been blown away by your customer service but Colton went way beyond that!

Kelley M.

Bradenton, FL

I just wanted to commend your company and Christian. All the associates I’ve ever spoken to have been so great. I don’t want service like that to go unnoticed. Thanks so much!

Roberta A.

Racine, WI

I just wanted to put in a good word for Dawn. She was very very helpful. She helped push my order through to get it to me tomorrow. I’m leaving to Colorado tomorrow and I just realized that it would make it quite hard to ski and snowboard without my contacts. She was great in getting everything done for me and I really appreciated it!

Name Withheld

I just wanted to commend 1800 contacts for the wonderful customer service, you guys truly are the best! Blake also did an amazing job and I just had to make sure that you all knew that!

Mohammed J.

New York, NY

Pass along a compliment, Nathan was extremely helpful, searched around for a great price. Very very nice guy! Saved money and spoke to a great indivual. High regards to him and the company.

Suzanne L.

Elkridge, MD

I just wanted to give a compliment to your staff there and your employees. I don’t know what your model is but every time that I call in it is a wonderful experience and I just wanted to let you guys know that you should keep up the good work!

Name Withheld

Every time I’ve called your employees, they are always so amazing at answering my questions, but Dawn was superior! She great to talk with on the phone, very happy, great sense of humor and just a delight! I want to steal her away from your company and have her come train everyone at my work. In a way, your company has ruined me, because now I expect the same level of customer service from every other company that I deal with. I tell everyone about you, because you’re so amazing! Thank you again!

Ariel K.

I want to compliment Trevor on his service. I want him to get his free lunch because he was good, and did everything he was supposed to, and you guys are always good to me! He is going to call me back once my doctor’s office opens and everything will be good!

Jacqueline J.

Panorama City, CA

Michael was absolutely a DOLL! THe customer service was amazing! on a scale from 1-10 I would give it a 20!! Is so refreshing to get educated people who are outstanding!!!

Katherine M.

I wanted to tell you how wonderful Linda is and she is the best I’ve ever had.  She went so out of her way to help me, making the phone calls to my ECP. Ive never had that before. She’s been absolutly amazing and I will ordering with you again because of her.

Ross W.

Dix Hills, NY

I just needed to express my gratitude to the fine fine agent Liz! I think she is just AWESOME!!! IT MEANT THE WORLD TO ME!!! She is a GEM!! Take care of her!

Name Withheld

I’m very grateful for Aaron streamlining the process to get my order taken care of. He made the whole process seem like the easiest thing ever and I thank him for that! I’ve told everyone I know about you guys and I’ll on doing so. Thank you again.

Andrew P.

North Chesterfield, VA

Latu is the bomb! He’s a 5 star employee!! He made feel very comfortable and made the process very simple. He was able to get my Rx from my ECP and he was so helpful with getting my order taken care of! Thank you so much!

Bizarre G.

Chicago, IL

I was so grateful to get Katie today!  She was very professional, helpful and friendly.  I also love your guarantee!  Thank you so much!

Deborah H.

Carlsbad, CA

March 2 - March 8

I wrote a hand written letter to your company and I just love you guys. Everyone I’ve ever talked to has just been so helpful and nice. I have 4 of your tshirts and I wear them all the time. Amanda has just been so great and got my replacement taken care of.

Jennifer S.

Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to put in a good word for Wendy, she worked so hard for me.  She worked with the ECP for me so I didn’t have to and did alot of legwork so I had to tell you what a great job she did.

Lennie M.

I wanted to recognize Cheryl, and just compliment her on how professional, helpful and pleasant she is to deal with.  Phone orders aren’t usually a pleasent experience so this was just an amazing and unusual thing to experience.  I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with, she took care of my issue flawlessly.

Rae-Scott S.

Coventry, RI

I just wanted to give Kudos to Justin. As a first time buyer he gave me quite a bit of info and I learned a lot! He was just so nice and took care of everything for me. It was just so easy!

Kathy S.

Englewood, CO

She was AMAZING! My package got delayed due to weather and my son needed them for tonight. Morgan called around to who knows how many places to see if the lenses were in stock around me to go grab for him. She finally found a doctor that would give trials, and helped my son get lenses for his game tonight.

Zane H.

Blythewood, SC

I just want to say that your customer service is probably the greastest thing ever! I can’t believe how fast your agents picked up the phone! I just had to tell someone how pleaseant and helpful Mckenzee is! I am truly really impressed with everything your company does!

Amy C.

Fort Wayne, IN

 I just wanted to give some kudos to your customer service. Laurel seemed to know what she was doing really well. she did not have to pause and was very quick and effecient. Laurel was very pleaseant to speak with and I am very comfortable using your service. Thank you.

Christopher W.

Lewiston, ME

I want to nominate Ashley for the employee of hte day award or something else very prestigious. She was so… just amazing– she did a great job. OMG. Can you give her a $5 gift card to JC Penney, or a day off with pay or something? Tell Ashley again that I send my deepest regards for her excellent service!

Kevin O.

Naples, FL

I gotta tell you something about a representative that I talked to. Her name is Carla and she took great care of me she understood all my needs and helped answer a lot of questions that I had. As a single father raising two girls this meant the world to me and I just wanted to let you know that you have something special in Carla. She is a wonderful asset to your company!

Name Withheld

I just wanted to tell you that I’m a flight attendant and I coordinate shuttle flights for NFL teams and businesses.  This is the first time I called 1-800 CONTACTS and Joanie was so good about getting my prescription and calling me back, I was just blown away at how easy she made it!  She essentially talked me into ordering, but in a good way!  Customer service is a dying breed, so it was so nice being a customer who is receiving exceptional service.

Christine F.

The Woodlands, TX

I just wanted to let you know that Dan did an amazing job! I was driving while on speaker phone and Dan was able to get an order placed and finished under 5 min. I just wanted to recognize such great customer service!

Joseph C.

Mahwah, NJ

I just wanted to say Jenni was so, so awesome! She had such excellent customer service and was very patient and helpful with texting my Rx. She was just awesome! I don’t do this often but when someone goes above and beyond like that I just have to say something.

Jovanna Y.

Santa Clarita, CA

I wanted to give you a recommendation about Brenna. she is very professional, knowlegeable, passionate about her job. She was very patient with how sick I am and told me to take my time and I was just so impressed with that. If i could steal her away i would!

Kelly W.

I had an issue with my contacts and I have been dreading making this phone call- I dread waiting on hold, automated systems, punching buttons and then somehow trying to find a resolution to my problem when I get an agent finally, and I was fully expecting to do that when I called, to push buttons and then only get someone that wants me to repeat all the same information. The fact that I immediately heard Amanda’s voice, and she was so helpful was just amazing. I just wanted to compliment the way you guys are handling your customer service. I am shocked. If there is any way I can say that, as a customer, I appreciate this customer service and you just don’t get this anymore. If there is anything I can do to give you guys accolades I will. And Amanda just did a great job- she made me feel really good. This customer service is what we need to get back to here because who has time to sit around punching a bunch of buttons? Nobody! What else can I say- I feel good.

Mike D.

Phoenix, AZ

I talked to Meagan, she is wonderful. I’ve been using you guys for years.  I don’t know how you do it but I wish your training department could go to Comcast & all these other companies & show them how it’s done.  You guys are great & every time I’ve ever called I speak with wonderful agents.  I don’t know how to tell you how to improve! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.  You’re very very good.  Don’t ever change.

Richard C.

Marietta, GA

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I manage 2,000 customer service agents at American Express, I would put Meagan at the very top among my best agents and I am sure you already know that.  I just wanted to pass that along to you and hope you reward her.

Wayne W.

Austin, TX

Just wanted to give my positive feedback to you guys! Carla, and Alyssa who helped me earlier deserve positive feedback. I would not order anywhere else, and I refer you guys all the time!

Robin P.

Goshen, NY

February 23 - March 1

Hi i wanted to write to say thank you to Becky, Chelsea and Liz. All of them are very friendly, helpful and thorough in their job! i appreciate your assistance and demeanor Again, Thanks Dave

David R.

Hilliard, OH

Jenni was so great at being proactive and helping me!  She called me back several times, helped me get taken care of, and was just a joy to work with!  Thank you!

Jim L.

I just wanted to let you know that I love 1800Contacts, and Colton!  He did such an excellent job helping me today.  He answered all of my questions and took care of me perfectly.  Thank you!

Kristopher V.

Strongsville, OH

My name is Shandra Baker and Ive been ordering my contacts through you for years. I’ve never had any problems, except for my most recent order. It looks as though DHL lost my order. Even though it was no fault of yours, the woman who helped me reorder was AMAZING! I got my order replaced and it will be overnighted to me for no charge. You guys are AWESOME!! And again, I’m not sure of the woman’s name who helped me, but it’s your employees like her that keep me coming back. A big THANK YOU to her and you!! I’ll never order from anywhere else!

Shandra B.

Columbus, OH

Melanie Fitch took my call, and then she was responsive in an old timely marketing way. Saved me some money, made some suggestions, and took care of me. She called my doctor and got it all verified. I will let you know when it’s bad, but I definitely take the time to let you know when it’s GREAT!

Sloan M.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Parker is a great representation for your company, he treated me like I was gold even though I told him I wouldn’t be ordering today.  He offered to follow up, and followed through on his promise!  This is just so rare these days so I had to tell someone how amazed I was.

Alicia O.

Albany, NY

I wanted to take a moment to praise the customer service representatives at 1800contacts. I was first impressed with immediately speaking to a live person and not being forced to wait on hold or listen to an automated message. This greatly improves customer satisfaction and something rarely seen in most large businesses. Secondly, I’m not sure who I spoke to, (I forgot her name. I hope you can find out)but she was awesome (It was Morgan). She was super helpful and kind. I can’t remember a better experience from any company. The standards set at 1800contacts is amazing. Thank you.

Amy S.

Shepherdsville, KY

Thank you so much for all of your help!!! I am soooo happy that I was able to get them!! Again thank you for your help!!! You and your associates are the reason that I have used 1800contacts for more than 8 years now. The customer service is great!!!Thanks again for your help!!!

Angela C.

Petal, MS

Natalie found my account right away even though I hadn’t ordered in a while.   She took great care of me, which wasn’t easy because I was pretty upset from not getting a follow up call like I was promised by a previous agent.  She did an excellent job.

Annie H.

I just wanted to let you know that I had an excellent experience with a customer service representative, Bridget. She helped me with everything I needed this evening and it was a very fast and easy process.

Brianna Z.

Rensselaer, NY

It’s been 3 years since I’ve ordered. What an upbeat lovely, lovely lady. Yours is the only place I’ve ever gotten contacts I would never ever ever go anywhere else. Dawn was a wonderful, happy person! I wanted to commend her.

Carol R.

Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for you quick response. You customer service is excellent! I originally ordered these 3 weeks ago from another company and ended up canceling after going back and forth with them several times and still not getting them shipped so I really appreciate your responsiveness.Best Regards,

Carrie S.

San Jose, CA

I just got off the phone with Pam and I gotta tell you she is phenomenal!  We live in an age where people say they are going to do something and never do it, and Pam took ownership and said “I am going to take care of it.”  I’ve been in sales for 23 years and she’s really, really good!  Give her kudos from me.

Chris R.

Escondido, CA

Just called and spoke with Steve at the customer service call center regarding my order. Have to say, best customer service experience Ive had regarding vision healthcare. I haven’t had the best of luck with my local optometrist but Steve’s professionalism and courtesy really blew me away. This interaction has earned 1800 contacts a life time customer. Thank you and I look forward to future transactions.

Cody C.

Fairfax, VA

Kira was just really excellent!  She answered all of my questions and went over policies.  She was very personable and so nice to talk with.  You have great agents there!  Kudos to 1-800 Contacts!

Deborah F.

Elmhurst, IL

Hi,this email is on behalf of Katie, my CSR from 1-800 contacts. I do not have Katie’s last name, but my order information is below. Please pass along to appropriate management…Katie provided me with what was, hands down, the best customer service experience I’ve had in a very long time from any company. She was courteous, responsive, and extremely diligent in resolving my issue. She demonstrated outstanding follow-through and kept me informed throughout the process. And along the way, she was always pleasant. As the CEO of a venture-backed technology company, I know that client/customer touch-points are the best opportunity for an organization to establish its reputation and brand with its customer base. While I have been a 1-800 Contacts customer for some time now, Katie’s efforts ensure that I will continue to be for a long time to come. This is pertinent, because a competitor to your service was close to pulling me away. Thanks to your CSR Katie, that won’t be happening.

Donald M.

Monclair, NJ

Hi, I just finished speaking to a customer service specialist about my contacts order and I just wanted to comment on how absolutely awesome she was. She was so polite, so helpful and helped me resolved my situation quickly and wonderfully. Her name was Christy. Please give her credit for being so fantastic! Thank you!

Elizabeth D.

Orlando, FL

To whom it may concern: Today I finally sat down and tried to order my daughters contacts. I should have known that there would be problems since I had problems ordering them with Wal-Mart last year. I first started by “searching for my contacts” and as soon as I got a picture of a box that didn’t look like the prescription, I clicked on chat. Every time I have to chat with one of the customer service people, I am amazed. Today I was lucky enough to get Sean!! From the beginning to the very end, he seemed to have nothing but patience dealing with a mom who had to run from the computer for mom stuff! Not only did he help me find out the “no-name” (my wording, not his) brand for what the doctor prescribed, he went as far as to check the prices at Wal-Mart for me so I could get them ordered. We finally found out the name and price and he let me know that Wal-Mart was cheaper and he let me know the price plus the 2% price match guarantee!

Frances W.

Oxford, NC

Also, just a quick comment, the customer service representative that attended my call provided one of the best experiences I have had in all the time I have been ordering online. Way to go 1800 contacts! This is how you create loyal customers!Freundliche Grüße / Best regards,

Francisco S.

Madison, NJ

You guys have the best customer service. The last agent I chat with on live chat was Britney, and she has been incredibly helpful, but to be honest, so has ever other person that I’ve ever contacted there. The live chat has been awesome when I need a question answered quickly, but the fact that your agents will go an extra step and order my contacts for me after they answer my questions is huge. You guys have turned an annoying task into a quick, easy process. Huge thanks!

Holly G.

Dallas, TX

Thank you ever so much for the follow up – greatly appreciated in this day and age – and yes, the package arrived yesterday, so all good. Your service was truly amazing. A mark of a top company is not that they do not make mistakes, but how they react when mistakes happen, and your service has proven top quality in this regards. Please forward this email with my deepest thanks and compliments to your Team Leader on my behalf. Thanks again,

James B.

Mays Landing, FL

Dear 1800contacts, Normally this would be a scathing email about awful customer service , but it’s not!! This is to praise “Rachel” from your chat team for helping me with my first time ordering contacts. She was pleasant, helpful , and stayed on the line until my transaction was completed. Be sure I will recommend you to everyone I know that buys contacts .Be sure to praise her and embarrass her in front of her coworkers. And oh yeah, a raise probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either. You just don’t find good CSR like that anymore!sincerely,

James C.

Gardner, MA

To whom it may concern,I just wanted to give positive feedback for Amanda P. via the LiveChat function at I made a mistake with regards to my payment information, which I didn’t realize until after the order was placed. When I spoke to Amanda, she was very efficient, knowledgeable, and made the correction on the order quick and easy. Please give her my commendation. Thank you!

Jaquelyn L.

Colorado Springs, CO

I would like to commend the young man I just spoke with for his courtesy and an outstanding individual. He is really awesome! He is professional and returned a call the next day and that just took me over. It made me really happy being with 1800 contacts. I have been with you for years but this has been a warm reception. I will never go anywhere else and I love 1-800Contacts!

Johnnie H.

West Point, MS

Dawn is the representative who handled my inquiry this morning . She is outstanding! She was polite , willing to help, had a great professional demeanor and explained everything clearly and concisely. She went above and beyond to resolve my concern and even proactively contacted me back with additional ideas for resolution. What an asset to your team! I will always come to 1-800-CONTACTS for all of my needs because of experiences like this. Please give her the highest recognition for this dedication and wonderful service.Thank you.

Justin L.

Dulles, VA

WowI just called your phone line and I had the first time a great experience with a phone line. First of all I was happy to talk right to a person instead of jumping from one information to another by pressing buttons and not to get pushed around from one to another.Unfortunately I forgot the persons name but he was just amazing. My package got shipped back because i forgot to put the app. Nr. on it. He didnt hesitate and figured everything out and its going to be here by Monday, which is awesome.Im really happy that it was that easy and quick. Im happy that you guys have smart people on the line and dont just put anybody there. Keep going on like that. I’m a really happy customer.

Karin J.


I had a question about my order so I called on the phone. Ashley answered the phone, not an automated machine. She was polite, professional, extremely nice, and helpful!!! I will recommend 1-800 -contacts to everyone. I have used 1-800-contacts for a couple of years and have always had great service. Today with such amazing customer service, I will be a customer for life! Thank You.

Lance R.

O’Brien, TX

I recently contacted Customer Service regarding my contact lens order. I had re-ordered without thinking that I had moved…the contacts were shipped to my previous address. I sent an email to 1-800-CONTACTS to request that the lenses be shipped to my correct address and received a very fast response, along with confirmation that my order was on its way to me. The delay was completely my fault, yet Melanie in Customer Service apologized and assured me my lenses would arrive soon. They did arrive on Friday…just 5 days after I emailed to report my error.I just wanted to say THANK YOU for stellar customer service. I will definitely continue to order my contacts from you and would highly recommend you to anyone else.Thanks again!

Leigh H.

Savannah, GA

I would like to thank you for your exceptional service with my recent order, with particular mention to Bridget for such outstanding customer assistance. Bridget’s friendly personality immediately allowed me to feel at ease and she serves as a perfect example for the extraordinary service your company provides. Thank you very much for I will be looking forward to future orders with 1800Contacts!

Linda G.

Remsenburg, NY

To whom it may concern: I’m writing to tell you how AMAZING your customer service is! Danielle (Live Web Chat) in particular has been so helpful in explaining to me the shipping process (I had timed my order poorly in advance of my upcoming vacation). This isn’t the first time I’ve had such great customer service from 1800contacts, but I thought I’d write an email and let you know how much I really appreciate the consistency! This is what makes me a repeat customer year after year! Sincerely,

Louise M.

Cranford, NJ

Hi. I recently had the pleasure of interacting with one of your customer service reps – Kathryn. Prior to this experience I had a favorable view of your company. I had come to expect excellent customer service. My experience with Kathryn solidified my opinion and you now have a loyal customer for as long as I (and my family) need contacts. Thank you very much,Sincerely,

Manuel B.

Middletown, NJ

I just had a wonderful experience re-ordering via telephone. I spoke with Spencer, and he was fantastic. He took the time to research all my questions and even reached out to my doctor when I didn’t have my RX handy. How refreshing to speak with someone who seems genuinely concerned with doing a good job and making a great impression. Well done!

Marisa E.

Milford, CT

I just wanted to put in a good word for somebody I have been using your chat service with. Her name is “Celia” and she has been immensely helpful as I am a first time customer with no clue what to do! I really appreciate everything she did for me. Thank you 1-800-CONTACTS!!!

Michael D.

Mukwonago, WI

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your customer service is. I have spoken with both a Heather(via voice mail) and a Dawn(via phone) and both ladies could not have been nicer, helpful, and easy to understand. In fact when Dawn answered the phone she sounded so clear and easy to understand (something you dont always get which phone service) I truly thought she was a recorded voice message and paused a bit waiting to hear the menu options. I just wish I had tried your company before because it has well exceeded my expectations. I guess I’ve had bad experiences with other internet companys. Thank you for having such amazing phone help!!

Mindy S.

Little Rock, AR

Derek is a life saver. He’s so professional and so helpful. My doctor’s office was given us a hard time about my information. Because of Derek everything worked out. He is the bomb. We need more people like him. Very friendly, lots of patience, and very professional. I wish I could of ordered now just because of him.

Mona D.

Lafayette, LA

I just wanted to tell you that this is my first time placing an order with your company. I wear RGP contacts and have a really high Rx. I always purchase them through the doctor but took a chance with you guys. I was worried that you wouldn’t get them right. I ordered them, and they weren’t right. You guys gave me options about calling the doctor, or making another pair. I went and saw the ECP and she made some changes and you guys will replace them. I did want to tell you the service is IMPECABLE! You answer the phone before the first ring. I’m just amazed by the service you offer.

Patty C.

I just wanted to write and let you know what a great experience I had with Jessica tonight. Jessica was warm, helpful and extremely efficient on our complex call. She was also very clear in her explanations and PATIENT. I understand that phone customer service can be quite challenging at times, but never once did she make me feel rushed, or that I was inconveniencing her or wasting her time. I have been a customer of 1800contacts for a long time, and for the most part the customer service has been really good — but my call tonight was so exceptional I had to write a note of positive feedback. Best,

Sandy C.

Berkeley, CA

I work for Best Buy and I think we need to take a lesson from your customer service.  The two girls I spoke with were the best customer service experience I have ever had!  I’m kind of an ass and don’t like making phone calls or complimenting people, so really the fact that I am complimenting her means like 4 times that from anyone else.  This was phenomenal.

Shiva D.

Austin, TX

I just had one of the best customer service experiences in a very long time with the gal who took my order. She was so friendly, professional, helpful and I hope you appreciate her as an asset to your company!! She could be teaching customer service for any company!!

Tamira B.

Edwards, CO

I just want to thank you for your wonder customer service! 2 of your supervisors, Seth and Jessica, went above and beyond to assist me with my last order. I only wish more companies had people like this to work with. They both deserve kudos for their hard work! Thanks again to both of them!

Name Withheld

I just wanted to call in and let you know how much I appreciated Sharon!  My wife recently passed away and she was the one that always ordered the contacts for my kids.  When I called I was pretty much at a loss of where to go or what to do.  Sharon walked me through the whole thing while keeping it simple and easy!  Thank you so much!

Drayton L.

Marshalltown, IA

Ali was just absolutely wonderful! Ali has great customer service and deserves a big thank you! Natasha was also a great help! Both ladies were outstanding! Thank you for creating a life long customer!

Michele S.

Providence, RI

What are you feeding your team members? They are awesome! She called me back 3 times in the last hour or so which wasn’t annoying or anything but really helpful. She was really great and ended up saving me $200 on my order becuase I had a left over insurance benefit that she caught and gave to me. It took me a minute to understand exactly what she did but it was so helpful and I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I may have to come get a job with you guys to find out what you’re feeding your representatives.

Name Withheld

Your boy Riley, he’s killer! He’s my boy. He was really patient really cool. He helped me out quicker probably than anyone ever has in my life. He made it a pleasure to order contacts.

Daniel D.

Escondido, CA

I was speaking with Jenni and she was super helpful! she spent about an hour on the phone with me to make sure that everything is going to work perfectly with my ECP. I have been ordering with 1-800 contacts forever and absolutely love the service that you guys provide. I had no idea that there was a difference between dailies and color lenses. I have had 1800 call my ECP 3 times now to get all of these lenses approved and think that is just wonderful customer service. Jenni really is amazing! She is so wonderful and personalble and kind! she really went over and beyond! I just want to make sure that she will be recognized!

Melissa K.

Alexandria, VA

I have some of the best feedback. when you get great service you just want to shout it & share.  From the time I called in everything was so easy & handled so professionally, I thought it was a recording. I was so impressed it was a live person.  I’m leaving out of town on a business trip & I’m on ‘daddy duty’ this weekend, (things are a bit crazy around the house right now!) and Ellen handelled everything with calmness and poise.  She seemed like she was your friend & to have that kind of excellent service is rare.  I wanted to make sure she was acknowleged & recognized.  You have a loyal customer.”

Gregory W.

Mansfield, TX

My name is Sharon, I am a soon to be customer of your wonderful company. This is mainly due to the fact of Blake Smith! She is a wonderful customer service agent, I called and it had been two years since I have been to the ECP. She helped me throughout the weeks, I spoke with her at the begining of the month and she offered to follow up with me within a couple weeks to see if I had been back in. I wasn’t shocked that she called me back because she actually gave me exceptional service from the first time I spoke with her. She is beyond exceptional and is the reason that I am starting to order with your company.

Sharon K.

Mattoon, IL

February 16 - February 22

I just wanted to let you know that your customer service is AMAZING!! You always sound so caring and always wanting to help. I recieved 2 hand written notes and it just means a lot.

Nicole D.

Chapel Hill, NC

I just want to compliment Laura, I was just going to order a couple of months and because she was so nice I bought a year supply!

Rosalie H.

Nogales, AZ

I wanted to compliment Cara!  If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have ordered with you guys any more!  She was just so kind and nice, and did such a great job helping me!  She was so patient with all my questions as well.  I was just so so impressed!

Jennifer R.

Los Angeles, CA

Way to go! Amanda’s great, I am just impressed! I wasn’t expecting phones to be answered so quickly by a real person. It was so simple. I just wanted to say a sincere thank you!

Paul L.

Everett, WA

Cary is doing an amazing job!! See motivated me emough to get an eye exam and Rx, throughout the whole the time she was so friendly and kind.

Preston K.

Lincoln, NE

I went on line to re-order and the gentlemen that helped me on chat and then called me was amazing! It was the most painless process and wanted to make sure that you knew whoever hired this agent made a fantastic choice. He made it so easy!!

Savannah J.

Deland, FL

I requested to speak with you because clearly your company is the exception to the rule.  I spoke with Sheri & Becky, and they were both so kind & wonderful & accommodating.  I wanted to give kudos to both of them because they really could not have been more kind or more wonderful.  They are two good ones, so hang on to them!

Catherine W.

Germantown, WI

Whitney was awesome with helping me get my contacts.  They got lost & something happened with my address… she even called Walmart to see if they had my lenses in stock. She was just really helpful. Usually when you call places they have an annoying recording & you have to press all these buttons, but she answered on the first ring and was just really great.

Ciara F.

Stone Mountain, GA

I just wanted to let you know Stefani has been very helpful today. I was quoted a different price because I wasn’t sure about the brand I would be ordering.  It was about $30 difference in pricing, and Stefani was willing to waive the shipping to compensate for the miscommunication. Besides that she was very customer oriented & I jsut really appreciated that she was willing to call me back when she said she would.  She did everything within the timeframes she said she would be able to  and was all around an excellent customer service representative.  She went above and beyond & I am just really happy to work with a company that’s so proactive.

Eric J.

Austin, TX

I had an order pending, but it was cancelled because my rx had expired, but Jessica checked in with me earlier just to make sure everything went alright, and I really appreciated that. It was very nice of her.

Gnaomi S.

New York, NY

I just wanted to say that I love your company and the wonderful service you provide. The gentleman, like everyone else, was fantastic. thank you for your inspiration.

Name Withheld

I just wanted to say you have such a fabulous representative there in Teri. She’s the best customer service representative I’ve ever worked with. She really was just so helpful & informative & exceptional.

Ann Marie J.

Lake Worth, FL

Ben contacted Wal-Mart for me directly to make sure rx was current. He was curteous and answered all my questions. He is very professional and speaks well for 1800Contacts. I was impressed with his helpfulness and willingness to do what it takes for me!

Kim T.

My experience with Julie was wonderful.  Julie was efficient, and called the ECP’s office to double check the powers.  I appreciated her and her genuine service.  It is so hard to find people that aren’t just sales-pitching you like crazy now days.  I was so impressed especially since this was my first time ordering with 1800CONTACTS.  Please give her Kudos!

Linda S.

Columbus, OH

I just wanted to mention that Carolyn has outstanding service. She went through all the options I had for the order. She was very willing to look up a lower price, you guys are just awesome! Thank you!

Michele S.

Mishawaka, IN

I had the most awesome customer service in the world! I had placed an order and paid for express shipping but it never arrived. Ross was so wonderful, my new shipment arrived today and he did a great job! He did everything he could to make sure I felt comfortable before I got off the phone. He was amazing.

Virginia C.

I just wanted to compliment Mr. Terry for the wonderful service he gave to me. I was really dissasitifed with the product that I received and so Terry sent me out another box for free which is outstanding. He definitely has my vote and you all should be so proud of him! He is a keeper!

Name Withheld

Super impressed with how quickly the lens got here. Loved how easy everything was and was super impressed with our company and the service that was provided.

Name Withheld

You guys are amazing! I’ve talked to 3 people today and you guys have been incredibly helpful! All 3 people I’ve talked to today have been so so so helpful, you got me all of my answers, and they were very very friendly.

Alexandrea K.

Tampa, FL

The young lady named Liz, I will tell you man! That girl is one of the best agents you have! She was Off the Chain!! I think you need to use her as a training example and model her, she is just so nice.

Doyle Sr F.

Cedar Hill, TX

I wanted to call in and say thank you to Kristine again for doing such a great job with helping me earlier with the problem that I had with my order.

Rita C.

Neptune, NJ

I just wanted to say that I have been so frustrated with this order because of all the things that have happened since placing this order. I then spoke to Sheristan who didn’t give me the run around that I had been gettting all day. When I learned that my order didn’t ship today I started freaking out because I need them to see and I can’t drive to work without them or with my kid in the car and it’s just a really big deal that I have these lenses. Through her efforts we were able to get a Saturday delivery approved and sent out to me. That just meant the world to me and I just wanted to call in and let you know that she did a great job and really if the opportunity comes around deserves a promotion. She is management material. I mean how long has she been working there? She did a great job! I will now be a repeat customer because of her.

Name Withheld

I just wanted to brag about Brianna and how awesome she was. I was sad that the acuvue 2 colours were being discontinued and so went with another type of color lens that ended up being a lens that I didn’t like. Brianna helped me return those lenses and she just fixed the whole problem and I just wanted to brag about her.

Name Withheld

I was just calling to send my compliments. I just got my contacts today, and I was told that they were back ordered and I got them today a week before I expected.

Carisa A.

Mobile, AL

I just wnated to say what a good job Summer does. This is my second year using you guys, I would not have come back if Summer wasn’t so amazing! I ordered a year and she followed up with me almost a year later. She is the only person I want to speak with at contacts because of how well she treats me. Thank you Summer!

Cynthia S.

Nolensville, TN

I just wanted to say thanks! I’ve had so many problems trying to figure out a new lens. I wanted to thank you guys since you made it really easy. Dominic picked up a chat conversation and kept going and made it so easy instead of painful.

Johanna B.

New York, NY

Sometimes when I call I get good service, most of the time when I call I get AMAZING service! There’s a lot to be said about how things are run and who’s running things there. It set’s the tone for the experience. Ross wasn’t just helpful he went further, I really appreciated all he did. He was just so knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. For me it’s always a good experience, I love that you don’t outsource. I love that your open 24/7. It’s so clear that Ross is a decent young man. He left me better off then I was before, it changed the tone of my day!

Martha D.

Westlake Village, CA

Katie is friendly and she was amazing! She was very patient with helping me with my order. I normally order from Sams Club, and it seemed to be too much of a hassle. When it comes to getting replacement lenses sent out, your process is so much easier than theirs. Thank you again!

Patsy S.

Good Afternoon,Please take a moment to recognize Summer Jensen. This is only my second year using 1-800-Contacts. While the market is flooded with options, I came back to your company because of Summer’s excellent customer service. An entire year later she still followed up to remind me that my prescription was set to expire. By doing this she saved me a lot of money and also time. I’m an Office Management at Citigroup. For the second year, I will be recommending your service to the employees in my office. Summer definitely deserves some recognition for her excellent phone manner and work ethic.

Cynthia S.

Hi – I just wanted to let you know what a TERRIFIC customer service agent you have with Erin! I placed an order this morning for a new prescription. Since my last order, I have moved, and indicated my new billing address which was to be the same as my shipping address. Somehow the order shipped to a prior address, and also showed a prior (different) address as my billing information. Erin was professional, efficient, and handled a new expedited shipment to my current address with no hassles, and a “smile” that was communicated even via “chat”. I have worked in customer service and call center organizations, and know that when you have a “keeper” – it’s important to let management know!Erin is a “keeper”!

Sue F.

I just had to let someone know how pleasant the lady I just spoke to was (Brianna). She was so helpful and really upbeat about everything that she did! I really expected to have an experience where I was just going to be out of luck and on top of that talk to a representitive who was going to go through the motions, but you could tell that Brianna definitely wants to be there and enjoys what she does. She truly did go way beyond what I would have expected! She was so sweet and kind that I had to share this with you! Really though, she was so amazing and nice!

Name Withheld

I ordered a full year supply for two of my children, and I wanted to communicate how very very pleased I am with the service of all four people I dealt with.  (Dominick Haviland, Janelle Mayhew, Ashley Draper & Charlene Gunderson).  They were all professional, helpful & they did a great job.  Usually you might find 1 or two who just go above and beyond, but to speak with 4 different representatives who were all cheerful & precise, it’s obvious it is in the DNA of your company there.  I wanted to extend my thanks for them & for the work you’re doing there.

Andrea C.

League City, TX

She was wonderful, professional, and tried to help me out with everything.  I have a lot of friends who use you, and told me to call.  Mel told me you can price match, and with the right price you’ll have a customer for life!!! Mel was just really really wonderful and professional; in fact when I called I thought it was a recording!  Then she said her name and I thought, “whoa! that’s really professional!

Andrea L.

Seminole, FL

I just wanted to commend Justin on the excellent job he did helping me today!  He was so informative and helpful with all the information on my account.  I am a call center manager, and I was just blown away with the service he provided to me!  Thank you so much!

Anne G.

I have never done this before and I am in South Korea and wanted to wait online just to tell you have great Steve did. To call home and have someone so cheerful and his service was above and beyond.

Joy R.

I just wanted to let you know what a great job your associates have done helping me!  Both Devin and Nick were very friendly and helpful, and your company policies are great!  I lead and train people for a living, and I would love to have both of them working for me.  Thank you so much!

Mark F.

Hendersonville, TN

I called and within the first ring I was greeted by  human voice! She fixed my error on my shipping address and expedited the order to help me out. She gave me excellent customer service.

Tim C.

February 9 - February 15

What a great experience I had with your sales person! 5 stars if you have it! She was awesome- you most definitely don’t want to lose her! She related to all of my troubles that I’ve had in the past, and just did such a great job.

Jessica W.

Kansas City, MO

I am a very particular customer and have been using you guys for so long. I wanted to give you good feedback. Kim was so helpful and was absolutely amazing. You guys kick some serious butt and I am very happy with your customer service!

Stacie B.

New York, NY

Alicia & Jared have both been so fabulous. Jared has also gone above and beyond to help me. They are both doing such a great job. It’s so refreshing to receive such great customer service. Jared was persistent with calling the ecp and Followed up with me. I really appreciated that!  He went above and beyond. They both truly care. It’s so nice to work with such amazing people. There are so many nice people in this world and I like to give them an “Atta boy/girl!” for taking such great care of me. I will always use you and recommend you. Your Customer Service is exemplary!

Cindy D.

Conway, AR

Mckenzee was very sweet to speak with. She was very helpful with taking care of getting my lenses replaced very quickly. She was also very helpful with explaining the 100% Guarantee and took her time to make sure that I had everything that I needed. Very good customer service experience.

Jason B.

Lafayette Hill, PA

Sarah was such a delight to work with and so patient in customer service. Sarah had great follow up and completed the price match order. Thank you for the outstanding customer service experience!

Brenda M.

Briarcliff Manor, NY

I just wanted to say that Pam made my experience with ordering contacts exceed my expectations. I have been ordering for a few years, and every time it is marvelous experience. I work in customer service and I have learned a number of things from Pam that I am going to take back and apply in my work. Hopefully I can be half as great as Pam is. Thanks again!

Marcus E.

Austin, TX

I just wanted to say thank you for the great work that LeAnn has done for me. I was not looking forward to calling you to say i never got my package but she really took care of me and got the situation handled quickly and much easier than i was expecting! Thanks Leanne!

Michael T.

I called in a few days ago, I had never purchased contacts online before. I am very lucky that it was Blake who answered. She was very polite, nice helpful and very easy.

Sean G.

I just wanted to let you all know that Carla was absolutely amazing! She was so helpful and made the process so easy. she was willing to price and match and search all of the best deals for me even though it was a lot of work. She was also so helpful getting me some solution and was even willing to price match that as well. Carla was such a good listener which is hard to find and really did provide great customer service. She explained everthing very well and was really patient with me. I just wanted to let 1800 contacts know that I am very pleased with her service and I would give her a 10 out of 10.

Name Withheld

Linda was the nicest person that I have ever spoken to! My ECP office has some of the most obnoxious people and I hate talking to them. They’ve made this process much more difficult than it needs to be. But Linda was fantastic with getting everything taken care of and to get my Rx faxed over. I wanted to give praise where praise was due. Your company is always very professional on the phones.

Michaela N.

Maryville, IL

Addie was outstanding!  She took care of me, followed up with me when she promised she would, and just plain took care of me!

Tracy B.

Paradise Valley, CA

I wanted to let you know that Blake did an excellent job. This is my third time ordering, I had no clue of the 100% guarantee. She was the first agent to let me know about it. She was so plesant and so helpful. I know you guys do price matching and she was just excellent in taking care of me!

Trumeko F.

Gallatin, TN

I just wanted to say that Lindsey was very great!  I am so grateful for her positive attitude over the phone.  I’ve been going through a bit of a rough time lately and she just lifted my mood.  I really appreciate it.

Christine S.

DEVIN MADE MY DAY!!! He did everything so fast and we have a very great guy working here!

Grace B.

St. Louis, MO

I just wanted to call and compliment Justin, Cara, and Julie!! They really stepped up to the plate for me and really took care of me!

Kelly D.

Mayfield Heights, OH

I just spoke to Carolyn and I wanted to talk to you.  I am too a call center manager and it is not always the case to get excellent customer service. Carolyn went above and beyond for me!  She helped me with everything, so knowledgable!  She was great and had excellent customer service!  She was wonderful!

Sandra F.

Lawrenceville, GA

Tamra was helping me over the last few days, and I have to say, she was standout.   She went above & beyond.  She followed up with me days later, which might be policy, but she really did such an excellent job & was professional and courteous.  She was very good at communicating even difficult information and gave great customer service.  I haven’t been a consistent customer of yours in the past… sometimes I order with my doctor.  After this experience with Tamra though, I won’t be ordering anywhere else.

Statler S.

Conway, AR

I just wanted to compliment the past 4 people whom I’ve worked with that you have all been great and the last guy that I talked to I think Alex was his name was also fantastic. Every time I call your company it’s just awesome and I have a great experience. I’m never disappointed when I call you guys. You guys helped me spend a lot of money really fast and with it just made it all the better too.

Name Withheld

I just wanted to thank you for Jessica. She was wonderful. I know that all your staff are great but she was really good. I didn’t want to call in but I had to because a couple lenses are bad. She got me taken care of and that was awesome for me.

Name Withheld

I just wanted to let you know that one of your employee’s went above and beyond. SHE WAS AMAZING! I was frustrated with my doctor and my daughter, she called me back and it was taken care of!

Kendell B.

Chicago, IL

Julie was amazing and has great customer service! Keep up the great work!

William S.

I just wanted to tell a supervisor that Carla was awesome! she really did go above and beyond to help me set up my order as a first time customer. I love how she was willing to send a copy of my perscription to an old ECP. I have never had anyone be willing to go out of their way to help me out like that. I would definitely give Carla 10 stars! You should definitely keep her around!

Name Withheld

In all the time ordering with you guys I have never had someone as helpful as Colton. I mean I have never had any reason to complain, everyone there is very plesant. But Colton went aove and beyond, he was very accomidating, personable, quick, even offered us solution to reach all of our needs! Awesome work Colton!

Averyll F.

I have spoken with several of your representatives and they are fantastic! Ross was amazing to talk to. He was so helpful and so professional and pleasant on the phones, and I love calling your company! He, once again, did a wonderful job and tell him thank you again. Your company is doing an amazing job!

Frances E.

Kunkletown, PA

Devin is awesome! He was efficient, and did not waste my time. The call started with me being very frustrated and he turned it all around. Thank you Devin!

Isabelle L.

Conshohocken, PA

Everything was excellent! I wanted to tell you how awesome Judy was. This isn’t unusual, I’ve had excellent service everytime I’ve called in! Give her two thumbs up for the wonderful customer service!!!

Patrick L.

Columbia, MO

February 2 - February 8

I just wanted to tell you Amanda was amazing and she was so great at taking care of me!  She was awesome! So efficient, kind and patient!  I wanted to give her some props!

Jennifer M.

Keller, CA

I love that Teri was personal on the call! She was amazing at speaking with UPS and following with them and myself, with regards to my lost package. I work in the customer service for my company and she did an amazing job at actually valuing me as a customer. Thank you and tell her thank you again for the wonderful job that she did.

April S.

Helena, AL

I wanted to give my thanks to you guys. The agent who helped me went above and beyone to make sure I got my contacts on time, and I did receive them, so I wanted to call back and say thank you so much! It was very appreciated, and I’ll definitely be ordering again when the time comes.

Chana S.

Monsey, NY

Stephanie was amazing! Your company needs to hire more agents like her! She did the best job with helping me place the order for my daughter. I will call back to speak with her every time! This was my first time ordering with your company, I’m not very tech savvy, and she did an excellent job with helping me! Thank you again!

Jennah J.

San Jose, CA

Trudy was excellent with making the ordering process so simple. Great customer service experience!

Kevin G.

Pembroke Pines, FL

I just want to say that Pam was AMAZING!!  I have never ordered from you and i just found out my contacts were discontinued.  She called me back and fixed everything for me.  You have a new customer!  and my school will hear all about it too!  I have set a follow up with Pam to call be back when i get the new Rx.  She was AMAZING!!

Lisa B.

Lake Helen, FL

Steve was most excellent with customer service. Steve is polite and courteous. Thank you for the great experience!

Bruno B.

Sulphur, LA

As a company, we would be excelling, producing and growing if we had more people like Sarah. She was amazing, pleasant enjoyable and patient. Keep up the great work!

Jr R.

Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to let you know that my experience with your sales rep today was wonderful. She was amazing. I told her that I have terminal cancer and she just upgraded my package for me to get it out to me tomorrow. Everyday counts for me right now and that was just amazing of her.

Name Withheld

Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that Colleen was very helpful in helping me with all of the problems that I was having today and wanted to make sure that she was recognized for her excellent customer service! She was very persistent in helping me and really did have a great attitude about everything. It is really hard to find good customer service and Colleen didn’t just provide good service, but excellent service. Thank you so much!

Name Withheld

Thank you Shawna! You are the best. It has been a pleasure working with you, which I can’t say the same for other companies. Is there anyone I can contact to write a good review for you?

Alex D.

Chicago, IL

Hi,  I just wanted to let you guys know that this is the email that is being sent out which is where I got my original email address to send my prescription in yesterday.  I thought you might like to see it so you can update it with the new email address. I also wanted to note that I spoke with a lady named Kylie on the phone earlier today and she was extremely helpful and friendly.  It’s always nice to speak to someone in customer service who is very helpful.  Also, Tricia responded back to my email with my prescription promptly.  The 1800contacts customer service team is fantastic!  They are both a great asset for your team. Thanks, Amy

Amy P.

Raleigh, NC

I am speachless right now, literally speachless. Bryan went way above and beyond for me to send my lenses where I am traveling to. I love working with you guys!

Angela G.

Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to tell you that everyone I spoke to today has been so super and has been helping me! Thank you so much you have really taken care of me!

Betina D.

Gulfport, MS

I was so grateful for the help that Ben was able to provide to me!  Thank you so much for having a live person available to speak with, it made all the difference!  Ben was great!

Brian B.

Maryville, MO

I recently placed an order and had a great experience with your customer service associates both on the phone and via online chat. She helped me exchange an unopened box (so easy!) – she called me back to take my order at a time convenient for me. When I followed up with another Rep via online chat on 1/8, she helped me with shipping charges. It was all so easy! I am really impressed and appreciate how your staff are so respectful of my time / efficient and resourceful. Please pass on my thanks to both staff members.

Ina W.

Summit, NJ

Justin was a pleasure to work with. He was fast and easy to work with and took care of my issues very quickly!

Mary A.

Huntington, NY

I was really impressed with Melinda. I asked about a doctor to find out if they called yet. She was really sweet. She called to let me know that the order is going out ok and gave me an update on it all.  I really appreciated that!

Megan H.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Brittany was awesome and made me feel comfortable about a new brand to me that are a one time doctor prescribed. She told me your return policy which made it easy to decide to try the new brand.

Micheala P.

Portland, OR

 I logged in to your customer live chat and was connected with Rachel. I would like to take a second to say that she was extremely helpful and did a wonderful job of explaining things and making the experience a pleasure. I now hold your company a peg higher in my satisfaction column and look forward to using this feature in the future. She was quick and accurate and could see her to have a bright future in your company.

Peter K.

Lodi, NJ

This girl (Sheri) has gone above and beyond. When I say that I mean she has been following up with me for two weeks. It has been a circus and she has followed me the entire way. I wanted you guys to know how much of a asset this young lady is for this company. Just going way out of her way helping me! Please let her be recognized for her amazing work!! I am a manager and I wish I had about ten of her working for me! If not more! I want to be sure that EVERYONE knows how amazing she is! She deserves a week off! She should be training people with how to treat people on the phone!

Robyn W.

Tulsa, OK

Hi Megan,Thank you so much. Hey, you are amazing at what you do. Seriously! My company us growing very rapidly and we always want to talk with gifted people like you.

Troy S.

Livingston, MT

Jody was very pleasant to work with, and provided an exceptional experience. She was friendly, professional, and efficient.

Alison H.

Arlington, VA

To Whom It May Concern:I just wanted to let you know that you deserve many compliments on your customer service. I went online to chat about a rebate that has apparently never been processed. I chatted with Melanie who was very nice and very helpful and told me that she would sent it to the rebates department and follow up with an email to me when it is processed. Every time I call 1-800 contacts with an issue about a lens or a question, your people are extremely kind and helpful. I absolutely would never shop anywhere else for lenses because of the quality of customer service that I receive from you. Most people write or call to complain, so I thought you should get a complimentary email. Again, thank you for your customer service, it makes one small part of my to-do list easier! Have a good day.

Rochelle G.

Fairfax, VA

Alex is awesome. There is nothing that I want or need from you other than to give you overwhelming positive feedback. I would give one arm and one leg to have better customer service in general. I thought the bar was high for 1800contacts already but I find myself looking down at the bar and looking up at where Alex is. He has followed up with me at the exact time that he said he would every time. He would remember things that I didn’t. So for the first time in I don’t know how long I picked up the phone for a 1800number. I did so because I knew that he was working for my benefit. I’ve never had a bad experience with you guys. So great job all around I really appreciate you guys.

Name Withheld

I gotta tell ya, I’m not savvy with the whole computer thing. I remembered the jingle to the 1800contacts number. This time I did it and Laura was freaking awesome. She was so great! She made things so easy like easier than taking the trash. I just wanted to say how wonderful she was and thank her for making things easy for me. I thought this call was going to be complicated but wow I’m happily surprised.

Name Withheld

Ben was fantastic! He was effecient, polite, did all he could to make it work out really well!

Nancy C.

I just wanted to tell you Amber is a wondeful lady! Ive always had Excellent service with you but Amber was so nice!  She took care of everything for me!  I wanted her to be recognized.

Roxann P.

New Lenox, IL

I just wanted to call in and praise Austin for the absolutely outstanding customer service that he provided me with! Austin was seriously fantastic! He was so patient with helping me order my contacts while at the same time having my phone, beeper and everything you could possibly imagine go off. He simply was willing to wait through each delay and really made sure I was taken care of! You could tell he was trying to take care of me from his heart and not because he had too. It truly was a pleasure in dealing with Austin! I have been dealing with 1800 contacts since about 2005 and have never had a representative provide such wonderful and professional customer service! He truly went above and beyond in everything imaginable! As a doctor I have to remind my employees to be nice, but Austin has it embedded in him already. Well educated and intelligent with all of the product information, and well, he just stood out to me!  I just want to put in a good word for him.

Name Withheld

I called because I was jumping through some hoops with my last contact lens supplier, and I wanted to see what you were all about.  I was surprised to find out how easy & simple the process was.  Colton was very helpful and friendly and he did a great job explaining the process.  I doubt I will be going anywhere else anytime soon.

Angela P.

Pamela helped me out 200%! She is a very nice lady, and is doing a great phenomenal job.

Heather W.

Wabash, IN

I want to give Jenni the biggest compliment ever, I have been giving her “hell” for two days and she was so professional, kind, apologized for not only what happened but for my frustrations for it. I wanted to make sure she got the recognition she deserved!

Naomi V.

Fresno, CA

I just wanted to say that I’m stuck in a really bad spot my luggage is lost. Blake is above efficient, she is awesome, and kind. I really really appreciate her. She put me at ease, and now I’ll be able to see for the next two weeks because of her.

Rebecca H.

Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to let you know that I was on a chat with Kirk and he was awesome. This is my first experience with you guys. We shopped in a store and since my husband has a special brand it took to long to get in and we were supper upset. So, we wanted to give you guys a try and we ordered them NBD and they didn’t come so I got on the chat and I don’t know if you know how hard it is to show empathy over chat but he did it. He gave me the hook ups and I’m quite pleased. This was a little trial that my husband and I were doing and we will now be staying with you guys because of the great experience.

Name Withheld

January 26 - February 1

Hi Carla and 1-800 Contacts team! Here is the verification prescription for Cynthia Byrd. Please let me know if you need anything else. I want to give a BIG shout out and thanks to Carla for all her help and assistance. She was an absolute pleasure talking to. Wonderful customer service experience. Will continue to use 1-800 Contacts for all our contact needs! Thanks again and have a great one!

David and Cyndi B.

New Bern, NC

I wanted to mention that I had a Representative named Brenda that I was working with. I have a very serious illness and I don’t have very many good days and today was a great day because of Brenda. She was outstanding! She helped me decide what the best choice was for me and just went above and beyond to help me.

Clay B.

Chicago, IL

I just spoke with Alisha and she is AWESOME! That was the best experience I have had with you guys! Kudos to her! Amazing work!

Courtney R.

Jacksonville, FL

I’m wanting to comment on your customer service. I placed a call on 1/26/14 at around 9:40 am and spoke with a young lady by the name of Julie. My problem was with faulty contacts I had ordered in the past. Julie was very polite and handled my problem with ease. I felt it was refreshing to deal with a real person instead if a computer and the fact that Julie was very helpful and showed a true interest in my problem. I would say Julie represents your company very well and indeed is a valuable employee to have working for you. Thank you very much. I have ordered contacts in the past and will continue to do so in the future!

Philip W.

Fort Smith, AR

Carla was fantastic! Super sweet on the phone! Very accomidating, very pleasant and can tell she loves her job! I know its important to have great employees like this! She was fantastic!

Allyn B.

Marlton NJ

Thank you Natalie for the great customer service and following up as promised!

Dail C.

Pat is terrific, patient, and friendly.  She offered to follow up with me in a month, and I am so excited to be able to work with her again.  I am definetely planning to only use 1-800CONTACTS from now on, it is so easy to use and I don’t have to go to the store to get them.  Please let Pat know how grateful I am for her service.

Mylene M.

Jupiter, FL

I’ve been in the supervisory position many times for several large companies and it seems I would always receive the call where people are complaining about my employees, but this is opposite.  McKenzee was so professional and politewith me, a consumate customer service rep.  She was so knowledgeable, even gave me some pointers since I’m a new contact lens wearer.  Your company was recommended by 3 different people, and you now have a customer for life!

James G.

Needham, MA

Cami did such a great job! Thank you for the excellent customer service!

Stacy B.

Phoenix, AZ

Kara did an awesome Job! She really took care of my needs!

Amanda J.

Burbank, UT

Jennifer was very helpful and patient with me.  This is my third order and Jennifer was so, so nice – I’d forgotten about a rebate and she reminded me.  She went above and beyond her duty.  Please thank her again for me!

Ana R.

Mays Landing, NJ

This is for Marty and Montana. I do a lot of ordering on the phone for my business and deal with a lot of companies. I was so happy to deal with Marty & Montana. They both deserve kudos. It makes such a difference talking to someone who wants to talk to me and help me get a resolution. I’ll use you guys no matter what.

Charlie K.

Becky has great customer service! Becky is a keeper! Thank you for the excellent customer experience.

Gina G.

Anaheim, CA

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with Alisha today.  She made everything so easy and painless, and I was very impressed with her.  Thank you so much!

Tommy T.

Kenner, LA

Kirk was very helpful, has great customer service! Thank you for the job well done!

Vincent P.

New York, NY

I just wanted to tell you I’m a new customer and i wanted to give a 5 star rating to Miss Blake.  She helped me and gave me hints for the future.  Blake is wonderful,  her customer service was great!

Sharon K.

Mattoon, IL

January 19 - January 25

I just wanted to let you know Mel did a great job! She took care of everything for me. Your pride in customer service definitely shows in Mel!

Cameron W.

I wanted to let you know that Cody is fabulous.  He was absolutely wonderful!  He made my day so much easier and nicer, the hassle of ordering was gone, and I was just so happy with the experience!  Thank you!

Mia C.

Saint Marys, GA

I’m quite satisfied. I have never told anyone that they’ve done a good job but she was on the phone with me for over an hour! She called me back multiple times when I needed her to and I’ve just been so impressed.

Krystal N.

Provo, UT

Tammy provides stellar service. She educated me and called the optometrist that has screwed me up so many times. She was helping me and telling me what should happen and what the doctor’s responsibilities are. She did some research and wanted to help me, even though the lenses are being discontinued. I’ll be buying you out for the remainder of the lenses you have in stock. You are so great to exchange / replace the lenses. I appreciate her not jumping ahead and just ordering the lenses. She does an excellent, professional job and really went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. She was superb. I don’t want to spend money on something I don’t get appreciated for and she definitely appreciates me. I look forward to working with her next week to place my order!!!

Myree G.

Tallahassee, FL

Brenna was fabulous and very helpful. Brenna deserves recognition for the great customer service! Thank you!

Jason B.

Archdale, NC

I just wanted to let you know how great Amber was!  She was so efficient, and helpful.  She took care of me and fixed my problem.  Thank you so much!

Andrew P.

Austin, TX

Addie was very helpful and patient, she had to call my doctor about 4 times and I really appreciated her help. I am glad I went ahead and called you. You are just more convenient and Addie was wonderful.

Kim D.

St. Petersburg, FL

I actually wanted to call back and make sure Parker was praised for how helpful and great he was. I was so frustrated with the verification process. My ECP said they had called 3 days ago to verify my Rx and you were saying you still needed to verify it. Parker called over to your verification dept, got it authorized and had the lenses delivered to me today at 11am. I just wanted to say how grateful I was for him getting that all taken care of.

Savana F.

Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to call you guys back and give Christian kudo’s for his awesome work!

Bethsaida M.

Van Nuys, CA

Y’all need to give Austin a raise, he deserves it.  I’ve never felt so good talking with a customer service representative.  He answered all of my questions and actually called me back when he said he would!  You are so lucky to have him as an employee.  Thanks!

Brandy H.

Melvin, AL

I have nothing but good things to say! I just got my contacts today and just called to praise Spencer for doing such a good job! I had some delays with my order which wasn’t your fault but I was just so frustrated. I got on the phone with Spencer and he just completely turned my night around. Everyone’s just been so nice every time I’ve called! I’ve always ordered form you guys and it’s always been phenomenal. I love not having to talk to any machines or press any buttons and that’s just great!

Adrienne B.

Charlotte, NC

Ali was such a ray of sunshine! Ali was so positive and cheerful to work with today. Thank you for the great customer service!

Drusilla M.

Castle Rock, CO

I just chatted with a member of your staff, Amber, and she assisted me in corrected the shipping address for my recent order. She was quick, thorough, and to the point. I didn’t get a chance to say this to her, as our session “timed-out” but this was by far the best experience I have ever encountered with an online represenative of any company. She was quick, thorough, and exceeded all my expectations in a timely manner. I was doing this at work, so I was looking to resolve this in a hurry, and she did. I’m not sure how many Ambers you have working your chat line, but if it’s possible, make sure she knows that she is doing a fabulous job. And you’ll definitely have my next contact order! Thank you.

Andrew M.

Centerville, OH

Great, Sean you have been fantastic. I have ALWAYS had a great experience with 1800contacts, online, on the phone and now over chat. Please send this along to your management. Your company does a great job! Thank you!

Paul D.

Andover, MA

Hey all, I just finished chatting with Brant in the Live Chat customer service window. Just wanted to send over a note (hopefully to his superiors) that he’s great and was a huge help. Thank you all for everything that you do!

Evan K.

Sharon, MA

Liz was so genuine and just a ray of sunshine. Liz was helpful and took time to explain everything with ordering. Nancy will be a 1-800 CONTACTS customer for life, thanks to Liz!

Nancy W.

Covington, KY

I called you guys 3 x for this order and everyone has just been awesome.  Compared to calling other companies, it’s been great.  You answer on the second ring and are so friendly and helpful!  Thank you so much for making it easy.

Annalise K.

Portland, MI

Megan has been wonderful! Thank you for the great customer service!

Linda D.

New Smyrna Beach, FL

I made a phone call Wed or Tues regarding rebates, I worked with Julie and had an awesome experience!

Hamed S.

Layton, UT

I just wanted to tell you how great of a job Sheldan did.  He was very helpful and made sure I was 100% satisfied even though I couldn’t get my contacts.  I just wanted to let you know that he gave such excellent customer service!!

Pereal W.

Blacklick, OH

It’s very rare that I call a company as large as yours & come across someone as knowledgeable, pleasant & helpful as Addie.  You’ve got a really strong, solid employee in her & are lucky to have her on your team.  She came up with a perfect solution for me that worked with my travel plans & spent a lot of time trying to make everything just right.  Hang on to her!!!

Deirdre L.
New York, NY

I just wanted to let you know how terrific Carla was. I’m also in the telemarketing business and I can really tell when someone is genuine. She was very knowledgeable and took care of everything for me! It was just such a pleasant experience and she even laughed at my jokes!

Edward S.

Santa Barbara, CA

What a fantastic person. I was so excited to talk to someone who was so eager to help. I’m a customer service supervisor and know what it takes for great service. She was great start to finish. She upsold me w/ out seeming pushy. Her voice was very pleasant. I was slightly concerned at first and she took me to a very happy level! She is a 10 out of 10. If I were hiring now and she was in my part of the country, I’d try to recruit her! She was so superb. I hope I get her again when I call back to reorder!

Melanie F.

New York, NY

Tyler did an awesome job! He sent me a great hand written note. He was so sweet and patient. I sat down today and had to make sure I called to let him know that he was wonderful.

Linda A.

Pico Rivera, CA

I just wanted to let you know Brianna was amazing! She deserves a promotion and a raise. I have always appreciated the company and she is amazing!

Keresey P.

Asheville, NC

December 2013

Please be advised that I received customer service from Angela tonight. This was the absolute best customer service that I have experienced in years. Most institutions are very lacking and offer poor customer service. I am older and grew up with a strong work ethic and pride myself in offering service excellence. That is missing today 99% of the time.
I had some obstacles in completing my order and Angela went the extra mile in trying to explain the issues to me and assisting me. She did this with an enormous amount of patience and understanding and remained courteous and respectful at all times. Her demeanor is a reflection of your organization and I offer accolades of appreciation.
If your organization could use Angela’s customer service aspects in training it would be excellent. Or, if she could be used in a training role, you would benefit greatly. She gets it! She went 1000 extra miles to ensure she provided service excellence.
She embraced the golden rule of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”!! This is the best one can offer. At no time did she make me feel like I was taking too much of her time. She was enthusiastic and eager to assist any way possible!
In closing, the organization I work with takes pride in customer service and to encapsulate what we try to do in all contacts is:
Focus, Connect, Understand, Counsel, and Advance.
Angela went through each of these steps in superior fashion.
Please express my appreciation for the wonderful customer service provided. I am an old customer coming back!
It is late but again, the best customer service I have received from anyone in years! Angela is an asset to your organization!!

Hi Parker & all other Associates at 1-800 Contacts,
Thank you for your superlative service! I have been ordering my contacts through your company since at least 1978, and have never been disappointed.
Occasionally I have received lenses that tore too soon, or had other defects. I must add that defective lenses have nothing to do with 1-800 Contacts; it is the manufacturer who is at fault. Yet, you have always satisfied me by replacing the lenses. And you enclose a new case – a much-appreciated gesture. You are reputable, honest and customer-focused to the utmost degree, something which is lacking in today’s businesses. Your company will prosper as a result.
FYI, I received a t-shirt from your company quite some time ago. Unfortunately it has been lost, but rest assured that I wore it with pride, and gave recommendations to those who inquired about the logo: they thought they were obligated to order their contact lenses through their optometrist so I sent them to you.
Thank you again for being…YOU!!

November 2013

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I have contacted your company twice and both times, I have been super impressed with the extremely high level of customer service! I talk to a REAL PERSON who speaks English and who can help me with any issue that I may have. In fact, I just got off the phone with both 1800Contacts as well as my eye doctor’s office. Who was the most thorough? YOU. Who was the most pleasant to deal with? YOU. Who was able to help me? YOU!!! Thank you so much for the way in which you are choosing to run your company. It matters to me, the consumer. I will definitely tell anyone needing contacts to go through you and to give you a try. My eye doctor’s office said that they will price match, but when they found out what your price was and how low it was, they decided they couldn’t price match. I found that to be quite interesting and very annoying. So from now on, no matter what, we will be ordering ALL of our family’s contacts through you.
Thank you again!

Dianne Karl, Very Satisfied Customer!!

I have to tell you about an experience I had last Friday, November 1, 2013 with one of your representatives – Lindsay Oveson – I was on a weekend trip and forgot to bring any contacts – I wear Proclear dailies, so needless to say I had already removed and thrown away the pair I was wearing – not only did she offer to Fed Ex some to me at my hotel, she called around Laguana Beach and found an eye care practice that happened to be able to provide me with samples to get me through the weekend. Her actions were absolutely extraordinary – she went so above and beyond what I could have expected – I just have no words to express my gratitude – there aren’t enough! I have ordered my contacts through 1-800-Contacts for many years – and honestly have never had to call your number, everything has always been wonderful – this was absolutely something I never expected to have happen, but also would have never expected to have someone go so unbelievably above and beyond – thank you to Lindsay from the bottom of my heart!

Jen Craig