Upcycling, recycling, or reusing – whatever you prefer to call it, turning old or unwanted objects into something new and useful can be a fun way to save time and be a little greener. Whether you’re an avid DIY-er or someone looking to get rid of clutter, you need look no further than your storage closet to find the materials needed to create family-, eco-, and budget-friendly items.

Our repeat customers are sure to have a healthy supply of a much-needed vision accessory – contact lens cases. Contact lens cases provide more than convenience. The American Academy of Optometry recommends replacing your contact lens case once every three months to avoid contamination. We provide these cases to our customers free of charge to help your eyes stay healthy. But if you’ve managed to create an overwhelming stockpile, check out our list of ways to reuse your contact lens cases.

Click on each image below for instructions on how to make it (you’re not imagining things – some images don’t go anywhere).

Pill Case

Never forget your pills at home again. Great for separating day and night doses.

Ear Bud Cases

Prevent your ear phones from getting tangled in your bag.

Chair Leg Pads

Prevent your floor from getting scratched or damaged.

Foundation & Moisturizer

Have your favorite cosmetics handy in a compact case.

Key Chain

Never lose your keys with this customizable keychain.

Pinch Pot For Spices

Keep your cooking ingredients nearby and handy.

Earring Back Storage

Sick of your earring backs getting lost or switched up?

Finger Paint Holder

Separate your colors and keep your projects neat and tidy.


Make an impressive, unique locket.

Craft Organizer

Organize crafts easily, including glitter, beads, and more.

Lipstick Remnants

Don’t waste the very last bit of your favorite lipstick.

Math Games For Kids

Turn learning into a fun game for kids.

DIY Crayon Lipstick

Make lipstick in any color of the rainbow.

Decorative Magnets

Decorate and use them on your fridge.

Ant Traps

Lure pesky bugs away from your pantry.

Dollhouse Furniture

The perfect size for dollhouse accessories.

Christmas Ornaments

An easy, fun snowman project.

Lady Bug Craft

Make cute little ladybugs as an easy kids craft.

Checker Pieces

Split them up between L and R (and make your own board!)

Poker Chips

Color code them for different chip values.

Mobile For Crib

Paint the lids to make a mobile that matches your child’s nursery.

Mini Planter

Start a miniature garden.

Destresser Kit

Keep your favorite fragrances nearby for moments of calm.

Microchip Holder

Keep your small electronics organized.

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