If you’re female and have worn contact lenses for some time, you know that makeup can be a frienemy. You have learned to be careful with certain makeup application processes and stay far away from eye shadows with chunks of glitter (ouch!). If you’re just getting into wearing contacts, you might not be aware of the pain involved in getting a piece of mascara in your eye, or worse under your lens. That’s just one case.

We worked with makeup experts to develop makeup tips for those that wear contacts. They don’t only apply to contact lens wearers though. These tips work for people with sensitive eye issues of all kinds!

Kirsis B.

Runny liner? Runny mascara? Kirsis sees tons of clients who have issues with their liner running. She recommends topping the liner with black eye shadow. Another issue her clients run into is the dreaded mascara smudge under the lower lid. Use a waterproof mascara to help with that. The final issue is winged eyeliner staying put. There is no answer here other than finding a good waterproof liner that works for you.

More Makeup Tips

One of the biggest problems people have applying makeup is with eyeliner. Apply it too close to your eyes and you could get it stuck on your lenses, which can be uncomfortable and unsanitary. Avoid applying eyeliner to the inside of the lash line. Instead, apply it directly above or directly below.

Next, if you use a powdered eye shadow, make sure to apply a primer first. The primer will help the eye shadow better adhere to your eyelids. And when applying, make sure to use a clean brush to avoid getting debris in your eyes.

With mascara, just like with eyeliner, you don’t want to apply too close to your eyes. Start in the middle of the lash, and apply directly upward and downward. And when it comes to fake lashes, you’ll want to avoid them altogether because the glue can get stuck on your contact lenses and irritate your eyes.

Finally, the most important aspect of proper eye care is hygiene. You’ll want to wash your hands before touching your lenses and keep your lenses in a clean saline solution. Also, put your contacts in before putting your makeup on and take them out before taking your makeup off.

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