It’s understandable to be concerned about where your contact lenses come from. Lenses touch your eyes all day long, so who wouldn’t want the absolute best? We’re here to answer some common questions and set your mind at ease.

Where does 1-800 Contacts buy contact lenses?

All lenses 1-800 Contacts sells are FDA-approved for sale in the United States.

Are the lenses from 1-800 Contacts the same ones I get at my doctor’s office?

Yes, they are the same lenses you would get if you purchased from your doctor’s office. The only difference is, on many brands, we’re able to offer you a lower price than your doctor’s office due to the savings we receive from purchasing larger quantities. We also provide the convenience of free shipping on all orders and free torn lens replacement.

Why are there non-English characters on my contact lens box? Does this mean they’re imitation lenses?

Some contact lens manufacturers sell the exact same contacts in different countries so they’ve put additional languages on the packaging. This does not mean they’re imitation lenses.

Are there ways to tell from the box where my lenses are made?

Yes, you will see on the contact lenses box where they are made. Regardless of where they’re made, every contact lens we sell has been approved by the U.S. FDA for sale and use in the United States.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee promises only the best lenses, complimentary shipping on all orders, free torn lens replacement, and free exchanges.

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