Precision1 Dailies
for Astigmatism 30pk

$39.99 per box after discount (30 lenses)
Reg: $49.99
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Precision1 Dailies for Astigmatism 30pk
Precision1 Dailies for Astigmatism 30pk
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12 boxes
12 boxes
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Product details


Precision1 for Astigmatism are the latest toric contact lenses from Alcon. They're ideally balanced in a stable 8|4 design to keep the lens perfectly situated on your eye. They also feature Smartsurface Technology which provides more than 80% more water content on the outer surface for more comfort.


Lens type
Daily disposable soft contact lenses
Package details
30 sterile, single use, daily wear soft contact lenses
Material and % of content
Verofilcon A
Water % of content
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