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Looking to try new colored contact lenses? So, you want to view the world through a different lens. Let's talk about finding you the perfect pair of colored contacts. Finding the right colored contact lenses is a lot like looking for the right eye shadow or the right tie. There are plenty of prescription colored contacts out there and you can definitely have more than one. And with our quick and easy ExpressExam, you can renew your prescription in minutes online. So adventure on with confidence, you visually-challenged Magellan.

Maybe you're looking for a daring color like purple. Or maybe you just want to enhance the color you already have. We've got prescription colored contact options for every eye. And remember, you can choose more than one pair of colored contacts.

Here's a tip: start with colors that compliment your skin tone.

Oh, one more thing. Check out our Air Optix Colors prescription contact lenses. We think you'll like what you see. Questions, comments, concerns? Maybe a hilarious story or quippy joke? We have the most amazing customer service team—they're real, nice people. Give them a call.