1-800 CONTACTS is a company based on a philosophy of “taking care.”  It is this philosophy that defines our success as we apply it to the three key groups that relate to our business:  employees, customers, and the community.


1-800 CONTACTS seeks to employ the best of the best.  But it hardly stops there.  Taking care of employees is key to a company’s success.  That’s why employees enjoy an onsite restaurant with made to order meals, an onsite fitness center, good pay, comprehensive medical coverage, retirement plans, training programs, education reimbursement and a myriad of other benefits.  1-800 CONTACTS was named one of Utah’s top companies to work for in 2005.


Taking care of employees is the first step to taking care of customers.  Our call center is open 24 hours a day and we overstaff to ensure we answer over 90% of calls by the second ring.  It is refreshing to call a company today with a question or comment and immediately get a live person versus the maze of button pressing to find a person who can help you.  Of course our website is open 24 hours a day also with agents ready to respond to email in the same manner.  Finally, top it off with a 100% guarantee and we believe we take care of customers better than anyone in the industry.


Being active in the community is important and the responsibility of every company.  Companies must invest in the communities they reside to ensure local support systems are thriving and adequate.  How a company fits into its surroundings is best described by its positive behavior within its community.  Our hope is to be actively engaged in worth while programs that positively impact the community and our employees.

Within the Community section you will find how 1-800 CONTACTS succeeds in this endeavor.

Updated Jan 8th, 2014

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