As the seasons change so can your eyeball needs. With winter comes dry air, freezing temperatures, and, still, UV rays. We’ve rounded up some tips for you to enjoy life as a contact lens wearer through the cold months.

Keep your contact lenses moist

Winter can cause quite the conundrum when it comes to dry eyes. The cold air outside and the warm indoor air can lead to dry eyes. To help with this winter dryness we’ve put together a few tips for you so you can keep your eyes moist and happy! As happy as you can be using the word “moist” in a sentence.

Tip #1: Keep eye drops or artificial tears specifically designed for use with contact lenses nearby. These will come in handy throughout the day to keep your eyes moist and refreshed and your contacts comfortable.

Tip #2: Find yourself a nice humidifier. This way you don’t need to turn off the heat in your home to keep your eyes comfortable. With the addition of a humidifier your house can stay cozy and your eyes hydrated.

Tip #3: Try a different kind of contact lens. A lens that is specialized for dry eyes may be a good fit for the winter season, or if you’re a monthly wearer you may want to try daily lenses. Everyone’s eyes and circumstances are unique so get in touch with your eye doctor if you think a different brand or lens type might be right for you.

Protect your eyes

Contrary to what you might think, sunglasses aren’t just for summer. They’ll keep your eyes safe all year round! Even on cloudy days UV rays can hurt your eyes. As you’re choosing sunglasses for your outdoor activities choose sunglasses that provide UV protection—we recommend a pair or two from Liingo Eyewear (the lenses in their sunglasses include 100% UV protection).

Do contacts lenses freeze?

Yes and no. Before you panic, keep reading. If your contacts are delivered on Friday, but you don’t retrieve them from the mailbox/doorstep until Saturday morning after a cold night—your contacts may be frozen in their solution. But have no fear, set them on the countertop and they’ll thaw and be ready for you in no time.

Now for part two. Your contacts lenses will not freeze while you’re wearing them. They’re kept nice and warm by the temperature of your cornea and tears—so go ahead and wear them skiing. Click here if this article has reminded you that it’s time to order new contacts.

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